The First Gentleman of the United States of America

I know he’s been called many things by many people over the years, but if Hilary should win in 2008, would that make Bill the First Gentleman of the US.

Now, I like him, but I can see that’s going to stick in the craw of the world’s real gentleman, like our own Mr. Smith.

Hmmm…I guess he will need a title. Although he will prolly be referred to as “Former President.” All of the living former presidents get that honor.

But for fun, I suppose we can say he will be the first First Husband. :slight_smile:

The amusing thing is that if Hilly is a better president than he, he will actually go down in history as the “president’s husband.”

I dont think a woman will win in my lifetime. I think if ever there isnt a white male president, it will be in this order. White male, black male, white female, black female, others.

i’ll set up the guillotine for 2008 then …


First Spouse?

I’ll set up the guillotine for 2008 then …

You have too much faith in people.