The first thing you do after you've arrived?

We will soon arrive Taiwan(just after the Chinese New Year)
should we book hotel or accommodation prior our departure?
what other things should we do after we’ve arrived?

If you don’t mind paying N. American nightly rates, book before you come over. However, if you don’t mind lesser accommodation, I recommend the Senator Hotel at 83 Chang’an W. Rd. Apparently, it is clean, albeit older hotel. You can pay by the week (NT5000) or by the month if you wish (NT15,000). The local phone number is: 2558-6511 or 2555-9222. An even cheaper alternative is to stay at one of the many hostels. Sorry, I can’t help you there but perhaps another poster can give you details.

Check out Tealit for teaching job ads if that’s what you want to do:

or this website under Jobs or Teaching Jobs.

Get a map of Taipei at the airport or at Taipei Main MRT Station.

Bring the Lonely Planet Guide to Taiwan.

I recommend all of that, but start lining up interviews now while you are overseas so you aren’t trying to find internet cafes to surf for jobs. If you have interviews you save yourself one more thing to do when you are already reeling from the stress of arriving in a new country.