The FISA scandal thread

It was born in a Crossfire Hurricane, and it is definitely not all right now.

The story thus far:

The FBI was corrupt long before this, but back in the day it was confined to the Boston office. Now it’s in D.C.

This is part of the saga of Trump vs the Deep State, of which Impeachment is another part, and which is too big for just two threads.

I say the FISA court should never have existed.

Didn’t age well, because it was actually a brazen lie:

As some of us noted at the time, Crossfire Hurricane would become Backfire Shitstorm. Took a couple of years of incurious press who peddled Russian collusion and fraudsters like Rachel Madow who breathlessly tried to breath life into the now known ridiculous dossier which the main source apparently told the FBI in 2017 was bar room talk and innuendo.

The fallout is the FISA court is now scrabbling to catch up as they are called out with regards their inaction despite being warned 2 years earlier in the Nunes memo. They may well be cancelled.

Where is all this going? This from Svetlana Lokhova .

Notice how they just refer to Joseph Mifsud as a CIA analyst without so much as blinking. Wasn’t he supposed to be a Russian spy? Didn’t Backfire Shitstorm start in July 2016? What was he doing in April of 2016 introducing Papadopoulos to Putins fake neice? Doesn’t April 2016 come before July 2016?

Too funny.

Come on, it happened during the Citibank administration, you know that it will end up under the rag.

Did more football :soccer: clubs throw some matches?
oh… it’s the FISA scandal

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Good luck with that.

Absolutely redundant press about 3 years too late, they accessed the phones and computers of anyone and everyone they felt like.

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They’re stashed in the closet in Ukraine beside the Democratic server, the Whitey tape, and the rifle that actually killed Kennedy.

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Huh? Access a persons emails or telephone records doesn’t magically teleport the phone and computer to the Ukraine.

Thanks a lot Obama!


I think it’s just a bad attempt at irony.

(The difference between sarcasm and irony is the finesse.)

Explain that to Trump.

I doubt I would get a word in. You on the other hand don’t seem to care anyone and everyone’s email, telephone, location and whatever is being accessed with no authority by people that have no authority.

It’s a strange position to take.

This guy’s face just screams “trust me!”

This hasn’t gone away.

That’s a nice gesture.

I won’t say the jig is up because only idiots say something like that. But I will say things are headed in a more promising direction lately.

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This hasn’t gone away:


Yeah, they are pushing the line they were duped. The reality is the FBI/CIA/DOJ/Democrats/Clinton solicited the information and then knowing it was disinformation used it to open an investigation.

Big difference.

Everyone’s got excuses, and I accept none.