The form getting expats in Thailand into a bureaucratic tangle

Just why the government is enforcing the law now remains unclear since official reasons are flimsy.

Still haunted by the major terrorist attack in Bangkok of 2015, the government says it will help strengthen national security while protecting law-abiding foreigners. “Good guys in, Bad guys out,” is its slogan.

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It’s just the Thai government being dicks as usual.

Landlords must notify immigration authorities whenever a foreigner returns home after spending more than 24 hours away from their permanent residence - be it a trip abroad or even leaving the province.

That’s really next-level though

It’s ludicrous. You could go on a three day bender with a pocket full of yabba and be in trouble for not sleeping in your bed. Take an overnight bus to CM and do what? List the bus as a residence?

seems like it applies when returning home after being gone for 24 hrs or more.

Either way, it seems like there’s growning “fad” to keep or run furriners out of countries now.

So are is the world moving toward utopia by staying on their side of the street? /s