The forumosa story?

I was really hoping that someone would pick up on comment I made about aloe vera and aliens and run with it. Alas! it never happened. :frowning:

Got me thinking though. It would be neat to have an on going story, which anyone could add the next part of the story.

I envision the story would manage to keep some kind of continutity, but with many of the witty forumosan’s around I am sure it would have some interesting twists and developments, not to mention humor.

If there was a really dead post in the middle or that gave the story a bad twist (took it nowhere) perhaps the participants could vote as to whether it gets edited/deleted.

Has this been done?

Is this a good idea? or do I need to get out more?

If you think it’s a good idea you can start the ball rolling, or we can start it in another thread.

or give the thumbs up and I’ll get it rolling.

[quote] give the thumbs up and I’ll get it rolling[/quote] GongChangZhang, what is the Forumosa story? My first post was in the aloe vera thread. I didn’t think I was missing anything. :ponder:

It has indeed been done. Or attempted. I think it was the world’s longest love poem. Or something like that.