The Forumosa 'Strip'

A thought just occurred, my first of the year and we’re only two weeks in! I’m getting smarter! :slight_smile:

As the site gets bigger, and attracts ever more people with differing standards of behaviour, there is ever more dispute about what constitutes acceptable behaviour.

Here’s a kind of suggestion, in need of more work:

Is it worth forumosa opening a bunch of cyber-pubs, coffee bars, or whatever? Each would be a sub-forum, moderated by the person who nominated it, and would reflect his/her character. Although each would be open to everyone, the idea is that similar people would prefer to post in places that share their attitudes.

I used to frequent a site that had an arts cafe, where community members would display their work. There was another forum that was fairly rough and ready, another where the love and peace crowd gathered to be nice to each other. Although everyone had open access to every place there was a definite feel to each one, and individuals generally gravitated towards the one that they felt most comfortable with.

We have many fora already, and in a way they have different characters. But in some situations they are dominated by a few individuals who tend to discourage newbies. I’m trying to think of ways to cater for more diverse people.

Maybe a Simpsons test is acceptable for the more moderate areas. Homer can say some pretty rough things but if you can understand them then you can cope with them.