The Forumosan Recipe Thread

Pizza again, pizza 1: leftover chilli beef and bean, pickled jalapeños, red pepper pizza 2: smoked bacon, red pepper lots of cracked black pepper topped with mozzarella cheddar mix from Carrefour.
Pizza base for 2 large: 200g bread flower, tsp. Salt tsp. Sugar 4.gram instant yeast 110ml warm water dollop of olive oil
I put yeast in with flour mix it starts to act with the sugar, add water bit later, leave to rest hour or more.


Mid week breakfast.

Sunday morning breakfast.


Attempted homemade sausage and chips.
Skinless pork sausages actually ok.


Where is the egg? :wink:

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Umm pork Kofta, I think lamb may be more appropriate.


That’s my go-to meal when I’m lazy: salt & vinegar chips with baked beans and an egg on toast.

I missed the egg, be no sausage if I had eggs.

Last nights dinner Italian meatballs pork and beef.

300g minced beef 200g ground pork. Quarter of a finely chopped onion.
Plenty of garlic, grated carrot, dried parsley, oregano, black pepper and handful grated Parmesan. Made into balls dropped in passata cook slow couple of hours. Grated carrot keeps them soft and moist.


You didn’t fry them first?

No never have done, whole idea is ingredients in the meatballs come out to flavour the sauce. Why only use passata and nothing else.
Fry them seals. Like flambay a steak to keep the moisture in.

Interesting! I learned the other way from my nana :slight_smile: I might have thought they’d tend to fall apart, if I’d even thought about doing it!

No don’t fall apart and best to have sauce simmer when you place them in.
I learned from Italian friends mother, (farmers wife) she made extraordinary dishes, sparrow gravy from sparrows we shot with air guns.
She roasted and boiled.
You need to make italian braciole, my friends mum didn’t fry, but my wife’s American Italian friend did.
My way: shin/blade steak flattened place garlic and fresh parsley in the middle roll and tie with string. Again in passata slow cooked oven best, can use hob for long time 4+ hours.
Serve the sauce with pasta starter, serve meat with roast potatoes and salad.

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Ha, where was this?


I gathered that :slight_smile: Which part?

I’m a city boy, in my neighborhood at least anything like that was out. Closest I came was crabbing and making a nice red sauce

Little London farm, Wendover, Buckinghamshire.
Farmer was ex prisoner of war allowed to stay in U.K. and given derelict farm, I was friends with children.
Passaro family were great, homemade red wine and cider. I used to help out on summer harvest long hot days, big breakfast, big lunch and cold cider.
Farm was successful mostly from pigs. Not a farm any longer children carried out different careers.


Chicken clam noodle soup

Made this as I have a cold :sneezing_face: after weekend of hot springs and cold showers.
Never again’