The (French) peasants are revolting


It’s hasn’t .

Mosly it was scam , scam, liberal , liberal, about half of it from Fred Smith.

Those voices have mostly gone VERY quiet as the science and reality hits them in the face and they look very foolish.


It’s not really a laughing matter actually. Ask those folks whose whole town just burnt down. Or the poor folks in New Delhi or Karachi with no air-conditioning.


FIFY :sunglasses:


Nah it’s not. You are doing the usual injecting your politics into science.

They conclude that increased marine temperatures and reduced oxygen availability were responsible for a majority of the recorded extinctions. Because similar environmental alterations are predicted outcomes of current climate change, we would be wise to take note.

Yes millions could die. They will die if wars kick off everywhere…


It was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who weighed into the subject yesterday.

In particular, she said, a new system of global warming governance will usher in “economic, social, and racial justice,” suggesting the federal government should nationalize technology the automaker Tesla developed following its receipt of tax subsidies.

“As a matter of fact, it’s not just possible that we will create jobs and economic activity by transitioning to renewable energy, but it’s inevitable that we are going to create jobs,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It’s inevitable that we’re going to create industry, and it’s inevitable that we can use the transition to a hundred percent renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social and racial justice in the United States of America.

Global warming can be real and the consequences subject to legitimate debate, but I think her friends on the left like Bernie Sanders forgot to tell her she is not supposed to actually speak out on one the most controversial goals of what the Global warming initiatives are actually about.


Don’t see it through the lens of politics.

That’s the wrong way to approach it…It’s a really big problem and it’s happening much faster than predicted actually.

What we need are the best minds and a big percentage of our resources worldwide to tackle this problem. Otheewisw extinction, famines , wars are a real probability


Tell that to the politicians.


Ignore the politicians and the political angle as much as possible.
.There’s no reason that we can’t tackle this problem, it will take a lot of money though.


Global warming is not a scam. Alarmism over global warming is largely unwarranted though. We have absolutely no reason to predict crises or catastrophes will result due to climate change. None of the climate models have been accurate in measuring sea level changes or temperature changes much less the myriad of possible effects from these changes. It could end up being good for some species, bad for others. It could continue warming or the climate may turn out to be better at mitigating temperature rises than previously thought. We just don’t know… And anyone who says they do know is full of it.

What we DO know though is that the people spearheading the climate change battle in governments around the world and at institutes like the United Nations have no freakin’ idea what their own literature says about the economics of climate change. William Nordhaus won the Nobel Prize in Economics this year for his work on the economics of climate change. On the very day he won the prize, the UN’s IPCC released their insane recommendations to limit warming to 1.5 degreed C, quoting and praising Nordhaus, while COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that these recommendations are ludicrous according to his Nobel Prize winning contributions.


It’s not a slow horrible death getting nuked or bombed cos your country is at war over dwindling resources, civil unrest and civil war mass migration.

You think you or your kids or grandkids are isolated from the effects. See how long that lasts. In lifetime they could see massive disruption. It’s not a minor issue it’s a BIG fucking problem.


Occasional Cortex is an advocate of increasing taxes to tackle climate change? well imagine my shock!


If you’re talking about California, large wildfires are part of the natural ecosystem, a phenomenon that has been exacerbated by poor forestry management.

You’ve described the climate alarmists’ playbook to a T.


Trump too!


Yes and that natural ecosystem is going to go into overdrive as CO2 is pumped into it. If there’s a positive feedback loop of methane release from permafrost or bogs or massive forest fires or reduced glacial refraction …Watch out.

This is science. Science is telling us clearly that mass extinctions are a real possibility . That warming is happening FASTER than many models predicted. That we underestimated how much of a heat sink the ocean is.


Nature will manage itself, people want to live near a forest and than lose everything in a wildfire.


No no no, that’s not what she said, she is an advocate of using climate change as means to raise revenue to, in her words to " deliver and establish economic, social and racial justice .

Precisely what Conservatives are weary of, because the goal is not to tackle global warming but a means to deliver economic, social and racial justice.


Ignore that politics stuff.

Don’t base your views on facts through the lens of politicians you like or dislike.


The politicians only hear the ‘big percentage of our resources’ bit. All the rest is just noise.

Anyway, this is rubbish. The solutions are neither complicated nor expensive. The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers …

Seriously, most of the problems are not caused by climate change or CO2 per se. It just boils down to economic inefficiency, poor design, and general misuse of natural capital. The California fires were a typical example. Try explaining that to the people in charge who have zero understanding of chemistry, physics, ecology, or … um, pretty much anything else really.

“Let’s tax it” is about the only solution they can think of.


Which means that all the people protesting in France against tax-hikes that would fight climate change and therefore establish social justice…are all far right.
Has any media in the eu already blamed all protesters to be far right?


The California fires are just a small taste of the future of we don’t get a handle on the problem. It’s going to be geopliticial meltdown …