The Funkiest Songs Ever!


Mostly for the first three and a half minutes or so…





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These guys again. But the singer…1:17.

And then talk about some funky faces on a singer.


I feel like I Can’t Make You Love Me is one of the most beautiful, bitter-sweet songs ever written. I don’t think it translates here well. It loses most of it’s power. Like if someone tried to do a funk version of This Woman’s Work (I just googled it; thankfully it’s not a thing).


I agree. My guess is that they’re trying to do songs that people wouldn’t expect to be funkified. It works most of the time (surprisingly), but there are also some failures. With this tune, I think it’s of a tragic story that probably many can relate to (it’s tragic regardless of which side you’re on, I think). A heavy, heavy topic. Shouldn’t be funkified!


Entering my safe space here :stuck_out_tongue:

The Isley Brothers - Testify (Parts I & II)
This song is one of Jimmy Hendrix’s earliest recordings. Almost doesn’t qualify as funk either, could be considered too early… but it could also be the earliest funk record.

Some people consider this the earliest funk record:
James Brown - Out of Sight

The Isley Brothers got their single out first but James Brown’s got a funk rhythm that I guess is more synonymous with the genre.


I promise not to post any Trump related funk music. :sunglasses:


Nothing came to mind except this.


War is always the right answer. Uh, the band that is.


Every night.


These guys are great!
I’m listening their whole playlist and enjoy more by each song they cover!


Glad you’re enjoying them. Nice for a Friday, at least! I can’t remember if I shared this one. The singer’s a real flamer and fun to watch. My daughter and I enjoy his renditions.


All tracks with Bootsy Collins this time.

Parliament - Give Up The Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)

Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Bootzilla

The JB’s - The Grunt

Houseguests - What So Never the Dance Part 1

(the youtube says Parts 1-2 but it’s only part 1)

James Brown - Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

Praxis - Animal Behaviour


Like the James Brown tune. Praxis is a bit too electronic for me, at least in this song. You’re putting us to shame. I honestly can’t think of any more funk songs.

Edit: Wait a second. How about this one? Has anyone seen the bridge? Where’s that confounded bridge? Funkin’ good.


Good stuff. I always liked D’yer Maker from that album; seems like I completely overlooked that one.


Little Sister - You’re The One (Parts 1 & 2)
Produced by Sly Stone
This was basically Sly & The Family Stone’s backing vocalists, so if you listen to this song it sounds exactly like the vocals you hear in most of their songs.

One of the girls from Little Sister later married Leon Russell. Not really a funky artist overall (still a certified genius if you ask me), but together they had some moments.

Leon & Mary Russell - Daylight

That was produced by Bobby Womack (who recorded it himself a year earlier than they did). I think Across 110th Street has already been posted, but I was thinking this is a good down-tempo funk song. The bassline is so so good.

Bobby Womack - A Woman’s Gotta Have It

This was co-written by Sam Cooke’s daughter, Linda, who was married to Bobby’s brother (they were Womack & Womack).

Though I guess calling Teardrops a funk song would be a stretch. It’s more of a disco song. I guess I’ll leave it there then.


I like this tune. The only Bobby Womack song I know is this (sorry not funk- I’ll stay on topic one of these days):

From Wikipedia:

Womack explains the story behind the song and its aftermath:

“Harry was the bass player and tenor for the brothers when we were the Valentinos. He lived a very carefree life. As a child he always said he wanted to live on an Indian reservation. We used to joke about it, but when we got older he was the same way. He always thought I wanted the materialistic things and I said, ‘I just want to do my music. My music put me into that comfortable territory.’ He didn’t want the pressure. We used to laugh and joke about the song when I’d sing it. When he was brutally killed in my home, it was by a jealous girlfriend who he’d lived with for five years. She fought a lot, violence. And in our home it was considered to be worth less than a man to fight a woman, so he didn’t fight back and she stabbed him to death. At the time I was in Seattle doing a gig and he was going to join me when we got back. Previously I had hired a new bass player because I felt it would help Harry’s relationship with his spouse if he wasn’t on the road. And that turned out to be very sour. He ended up losing his life behind it. At that time, “Harry Hippie” wasn’t a joke anymore; I had lost a brother. I still do that song in his honor today.”
— Bobby Womack

The song became Womack’s second top forty hit on the peaking at number thirty-one on the chart.