The Funkiest Songs Ever!


Mostly for the first three and a half minutes or so…





Just paste the link and it’ll embed automatically. At least for YouTube, probably not all other video services.


These guys again. But the singer…1:17.

And then talk about some funky faces on a singer.


I feel like I Can’t Make You Love Me is one of the most beautiful, bitter-sweet songs ever written. I don’t think it translates here well. It loses most of it’s power. Like if someone tried to do a funk version of This Woman’s Work (I just googled it; thankfully it’s not a thing).


I agree. My guess is that they’re trying to do songs that people wouldn’t expect to be funkified. It works most of the time (surprisingly), but there are also some failures. With this tune, I think it’s of a tragic story that probably many can relate to (it’s tragic regardless of which side you’re on, I think). A heavy, heavy topic. Shouldn’t be funkified!


Entering my safe space here :stuck_out_tongue:

The Isley Brothers - Testify (Parts I & II)
This song is one of Jimmy Hendrix’s earliest recordings. Almost doesn’t qualify as funk either, could be considered too early… but it could also be the earliest funk record.

Some people consider this the earliest funk record:
James Brown - Out of Sight

The Isley Brothers got their single out first but James Brown’s got a funk rhythm that I guess is more synonymous with the genre.


I promise not to post any Trump related funk music. :sunglasses:


Nothing came to mind except this.


War is always the right answer. Uh, the band that is.


Every night.


These guys are great!
I’m listening their whole playlist and enjoy more by each song they cover!


Glad you’re enjoying them. Nice for a Friday, at least! I can’t remember if I shared this one. The singer’s a real flamer and fun to watch. My daughter and I enjoy his renditions.