The Funkiest Songs Ever!


Same album as Woman’s Gotta Have It!

That’s a sad story though. Damn.

If you get a chance, check out the Bobby Womack album “The Poet”. It’s pretty good. None of his albums are masterpieces or anything. There are just a couple that are “pretty good”. The Poet’s probably the best he’s got.


It’s kind of amazing to think that Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite was shelved for a year before release. One of the best (often overlooked) albums of the 90s and seemingly no one had confidence that it was any good.


This song makes me laugh because I feel that “groove” doesn’t live up to that intro. It’s a good song but the intro gets you all hyped and then… nah. Fenderella’s from the band Klymaxx.
Fenderella - Funk’s Gone Crazy

Jesse Johnson featuring Sly Stone from the album Shockadelica.
Jesse Johnson - Crazay

And some Four Tops… because why not?
The Four Tops - Catfish


Man, check out the horns. It cuts off, though. Too bad.

One more from the Godfather of Soul. This one just rocks. The last minute with the sax player. Is that Maceo?


It’s Friday! Here’s some Japanese funk to celebrate.


I’m about 10 minutes in and I love it. A lot of fun. I was hoping he was going to really mix them though… bit disappointed.


This was recommended for me. I guess the YouTube algorithm figured out I like funk. This is maybe not pure funk but I think very easily close enough. Really like the cool dancing.


It’s been a long week but the weekend starts in 1 hour and 27 minutes.


33 minutes for me now. A bit ahead of where I wanted to be at the end of the week. Always a good way to end things. That first video is a weird one. The second one is some nice blues.