The Funkiest Songs Ever!


I’d say it counts. To me, it doesn’t sound that different to the original except for the scratching and some runs towards the end. I like it more than the Chicago version though.


Interesting. So funking special.



Was just listening to this and thought I’d share. A lot smoother than a lot of other songs posted in here, but still funky.


Those lyrics. Got to love them. Reminds me of when I was driving my parents’ hand-me-down Cadillac Seville in Southern California. Fully automatic seat way down low (not to be cool, though, just like driving like that).


The new Chaka Khan single is great.

I was listening to a few things over the weekend too. Now that I think of them…


Where do we go? Where do we go now? Fantastic cover!


Nice…fun video too!


Stevie Wonder has some good funk.

I Wish. There’s a cover of this done by a red headed dude that can sing. Cracks me up when this very white dude sings “looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy”!


The bassline on I Wish is perfection!


I’m no musician, but I bet that’s a fun one to play. Somewhat surreal to be listening to songs like this while walking around Taipei, taking the MRT, etc. I’m sure I’ve got a little bounce in my step when I’ve got the funk blasting.


Check this out; he lays out how he recorded it. He goes into more detail on other songs but gives you a good idea of how it was done.

Songs in the Key of Life is my all time favorite album. It definitely gets talked praised a lot, but I feel it gets snubbed a lot on lists of “greatest albums of all time”. People often throw out Innervisions or Talking Book.


The equivalent of wearing a brand new pair of sneakers. :sunglasses:


I’ll check that out on the way home.


I actually prefer Innervisions, but only because it’s a little more cohesive as an album.


It’s a hard to argue against any of them, for sure. I like how Songs in the Key of Life has so many tracks but I’m not bored for a second of it.


"Hello, everybody. I’m Archie Bell… and I’m also the Drells. I’ve got a new song called ‘Tighten Up,’ and this is the music you tighten up with!"

And some others. Because it’s Friday.


Tighten up’s a good one to get in the mood for the weekend. Sam and Dave!



Zapp & Roger makes me want to explore all the 70s and 80s fusion for funky sounds. There must be so much out there.