The Funkiest Songs Ever!


This one had me cracking up…funky throwback beats too.


I never really bothered to try Macklemore and Ryan Lewis but that’s a pretty fun song. Should check them out.

Zapp were great. You can also try Roger Troutman’s solo stuff. If you’ve always wondered why there isn’t a 10+ minute funk version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”, well I’ve got great news…


Earth, Wind & Fire Shining Star. New and updated version.


It’s Friday again.

If picking a KC and the Sunshine Band song, this one is a little obvious but I don’t think it’s come up yet.


All their songs are obvious, but that’s what I love about KC. Here’s my favorite:


Ha, it’s a good one. I was originally going to put “Boogie Man” but switched it since I don’t remember seeing them in this thread before.


That one’s got a good groove too. On the subject of blue-eyed funk:


Well, if we’re going to celebrate Friday, a little silliness is in order. The bassist knows what’s up.


The break on that first one is pretty damn funky, ha ha.


The weekend’s almost here.

I just wanted to post Chameleon but if you listen to that you may as well finish the album.

All 4 parts, the first 2 were originally A and B sides of a single and 3 & 4 were a single track from a year later. Sounds like someone just put them all together.

Technically Ashford & Simpson and Chaka Khan.

This is from The Time’s first album, so it’s basically it’s all performed by Prince with Morris Day on vocals, plus Dr. Fink has a synth solo about 5 or 6 minutes in.


Here’s my fusion/funk pick for the weekend. Not his best playing, but the funk/groove is maintained throughout.

Not pure funk, but definitely elements of it in this nice solo jam session.


I always listen to Head Hunters all the way through.


As it should be.

I met Herbie Hancock about 10 years ago at a signing. Nicest celebrity you’ll ever meet. Kept asking me questions and was genuinely interested for some reason (until the event people had to get him to move it along).



I want to live in this thread forever.


Something softer…




Enjoying the deep cuts. I probably haven’t heard Cutie Pie since the '80s, and most people likely only know Fantastic Voyage from Coolio.