The Funniest Songs Ever!

No puppies were harmed for this.

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Funny I thought of your second one as soon as I saw the thread title

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I’m not much of a country music fan…But it does have it’s moments.

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And in the category of popular song parody.
Weird Al wasn’t near the first.

Or music videos.

Just 1 part of the brilliant Rawlinson End saga.

[quote]Oh please dinna torture my tortie, it is nay his fault at all
he may seem a teeny bit naughtie, but he’s played at the Albert Hall
He’s nay good with things, mandolins, violins
he just can’t fret the strings, but sometimes he sings
and it’s no that he’s naughtie, piano’s his forte
‘part from that he can’t play buggerall[/quote]

I Ludicrous - A Pop Fan’s Dream
fabulous - “… go upstairs to compare tattoos” :roflmao:.

classic SNL sketch from Eddie Murphy taking the piss out of reggae

Are you going to sing? Yeah, but it’s not a song. It’s my life.

Been wasting time watching (mostly) young people react to old songs heard fof the first time, via Youtube. Favourites are:

The Pogues, “Fairytale of New York”:-“A little harsh at first for a Christmas song, with guy in the drunk tank, but it’s shifted into a nice swinging Irish melody, and- They said WHAT?!?!”

Meatloaf, “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights”- "A good classic rock beat; what’s this disco stuff? And now a shift to baseball?? OMG, What are they doing onstage?.. Well at least it had a happy ending with
“I’ll love you to the end of time”
“Now I’m praying for the end of time…”

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