The funny little guy

What is the smiling little face that is sometimes printed on food items??
It is generally with the word GMP around the smiley face. There are also other Chinese characters, but I don’t know what they mean.
Does this means that the product is a Genetically Modified Product?
I saw it on the beancurd boxes and in many many other items…
Can someone please explain?
…please please please…

I believe that is Taiwan’s equivalent to the USA’s FDA approval…

No… it’s not Genetically Modified Products. If it is, they wouldn’t advertise it and, mind you, you’ll never find out if it is. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. It’s is a private certification attesting that the products in question have been manufactured/ assembled/ made in a manner that conforms to a particular industry standard.

Yeah that means GMP. Genetically modified is not a worry since the proteins are natural products. This area is very well regulated.

Chemicals and pesticides that are carcinogens are the real concern. They have little regulation. Chinese herbs contain potent amounts of concentrated chemicals, do people complain so much about them?

Do a search on organophosphates and you will see what I mean.

Sooner people figure this out the better!