The future of Big Weed

Rocketdamus called this one 5 or 6 years ago

Here’s what the next few years will bring:

1 Some giant corp is going to jump on it, I say it’s going to be Big Tobacco, they already have the infrastructure

B They’ll start mass producing all manner of gross mutated additive-loaded strains that are dirt cheap and potent as fuck

III It will eventually come out that all their crap causes cancer or worse

iv Finally, there will be a boutique market for gourmet all-natural Craft Weed

What a country.
Sharpish types should be buying up PMI stock as we speak

“You can grow all of the THC consumed in the entire country on less than 10,000 acres,” Caulkins said.

I guess that kind of tells the whole story.

1, B, III, iv. I like it because it’s like if the OP were stoned.

Any particular reason for this preference? Why not BTI or even-cheaper MO?

I would love to see marihuana paper take off, after It was destroyed in the bud by big corporations. It would be a big help to the environment and if biggies take over, it would actually be an improvement.