The future of VR

Will it work?


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Two movies came to my mind: The Matrix and Meatrix.

Humans and their meddling with other species’ emotions! First panda porn, now bovine VR, what next? :thinking:



I believe that’s technically augmented reality. Very cool.

Played this VR game where you’re walking through a rain forest, across bridges, etc. It was very hard to convince yourself that you are safe and not actually about to fall into a river far below.

Yea, or the opposite of augmented reality.

Augmented reality is usually augmented to your visual perception.

In this video it seems to be total virtual visual, augmented by matching room to virtual view.

Then there’s this.

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I think you’re right. Hard to tell what’s going on in that video on my small phone with no reading glasses. If so, why would you want that? For everything around you to be animated? Hmmm. Maybe there’s an application.

Here’s a fun one for Chinese New Year.

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