The Game Club - southern style?

Okay, let me try this again…

Is anyone interested in starting up a GAME CLUB for the Chiayi/Tainan area?

Go here ----> … =game+club

if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Post here if you are interested…

I enjoy playing chess, and I live in Jiayi County.

I think it would be best to play at a “tea house”, especially the kind with walls or partitions around each table. And it would have to be air conditioned, of course.


Hey that’s more like it. Now we need to get some more people in the Chiayi area interested and set up a time and place…

I would be interested in playing in the Tainan area. I’m not much of a chess fan but I love to play risk and other turn-based strategies. Axis & Allies, etc. I could head up to Jiayi but not on a regular basis.