The Games We Play

We’re big on games in the Smith household. Boardgames, cardgames. But mostly we like making up games, like housesoccer (played with the cat) and innerdoor badmitton (also played with the cat). *

However, yesterday we invented the best game ever. We took a drive up in san Xia along one of Belgian Pie’s mountain routes and near the top of one of the mountains we stopped at a large paved “rest stop” on the side of the road. The view over the mountain was nice and up the hillside was a tea farm being farmed by old ladies in straw conehats.

So as jdson and I threw a frisbee in the parking lot, jdspouse took it upon herself to reorganize the trunk. In her journey into the dark depths, she found one badmitton racket, one birdy, and jdson’s aluminum baseball bat and his mitt.

The boy took the mitt, the wife took the racket, and took the bat. She served the birdy to me and I wacked it with the baseball bat and our son chased down the pop flies.

It was possibly the most fun we’ve ever had on a mountain top rest area in San Xia. And the looks we got by passerbys were priceless.

I highly recommend make-ups games. :wink: :rainbow:

  • The cat is a participant, not a ball.

I’m glad you cleared that up about the cat!!


And how does the cat feel about being left out of yesterday’s game?

You must have loved the “Calvinball” episodes.

Sounds like a riot. :smiley:

[quote=“Jaboney”]You must have loved the “Calvinball” episodes.

Sounds like a riot. :smiley:[/quote]

I was thinking about that. Next time I’ll bring tennis balls to throw at the boy when he tries to catch the pop ups. :smiling_imp: