The Geometry of Assassinating Obama

It was just an innocent example in a math class, silly liberals. … _teac.html
Angles and parallel lines and stuff. The teacher has been placed on leave.

A you spelled assassinating wrong, and B, how does it feel to now be on the terror watchlist for posting that topic title? I recommend either staying away from the US for a while or bringing a big fucking jar of lube.

And C there’s already a silly liberal thread, and D, it’s stupid fucking thing for the teacher to say. What a dumb-ass.

I corrected the spelling. I don’t think they will put me on a watch list. God is great.

You underestimate the power of the dark side. So it’s the lube then eh?

yup … habeas corpus can now be used against you by them right wing mother F’ers …no …I mean those swastika flag waving Dems…no,no that’s not what I meant to say… I mean socialist,tyranical pigs that wanna…no no ,just be careful what you say. Ok?

I just had my sights set on putting an interesting news story in the crosshairs of political discourse.

I said it once and say it again. If this man makes it alive through one term, I’d be very much amazed.

What was McCoy elected to and how long a term has he left? Not mayor of McCoyton I hope? (that sounds like Mayor McCheese come to think of it… I’m off to some traditional Scottish fare right now methinks)