The Geopolitical Cooperation needed to STOP & PREVENT WARS

In Taiwan sure. The govt are shook to do anything that might lose them votes. In the UK they have nothing to be scared of, the last 3 or 4 (sorry I’ve lost count) prime ministers were not even elected.


The society, be it voters or not, need to keep the government in check. When we just have blind faith…in anything…things rarely turn out well. Be it religion, government, business or so on. Checks and balances also require you and me to give a fuck then actually put in time and resources to change it. This is instrumental to a healthy society.

Basically, “if I phrase things in a certain way, I can pretend everybody agrees with me, even if they have shown by their votes that they don’t. If private companies owned everything, people would be happy and contented.”
P.S. In spite of your claiming not to know what ‘libertarian’ means, that’s the definition.

Say (as the situation is now) agribusiness forbids you from replanting your seeds because they’re GMO and they patented the plant (even if the wind has blown it in to your fields and mixed with your crops, they still claim ownership)? Or they forbid you (again, as now) the right to repair? Those are private companies, which are great, right?
(Funny you never see those farmers in Europe who stand up for freedom and hate the EU protesting about getting subsidies from the CAP. Except the ones in Britain who are protesting imports from Europe and demanding the government ban cheap food. Ah, the return of the Corn Laws.)