The Ghislaine Maxwell trial thread

She has the perfect name, just like a Bond villain.

One of the last tweets before the account got cancelled…

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Sitting on Buckingham Palace thrones…


They make a lovely couple.

Well, they have common interests at least.

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A lifetime in prison being on a 24-hour suicide watch. Sounds like a lovely way to finish your final 20 or so years on the planet. I’m surprised she was stupid enough to actually rent a house in the USA when she knew she was wanted. But then again narcissists never think they will get caught. Good riddance. Trash like her should be shot. Epstein was wise enough to end his own life. A life of being passed around to all the prison’s sodomites evidently didn’t sound like an appealing future. Shame none of the “Johns” involved will be prosecuted.

The great thing is, all the evidence will be locked up and the key will be thrown away.

So, she pimped the underage girls, what about the guys (girls, too?) who had paid sex with them? Shhhhh… only Randy Andy might have a trial, and even that is not a sure thing.

Yep, the case was a big victory for all the elite pedophiles out there. What I don’t get is why the groomers didn’t just wait till all the victims were 18 and legal. Does a couple years really make that much of a difference to a randy old perv? I guess so…

Given how she feels about prison, I’d go for the lifetime in jail.

The 59-year-old British socialite – accused of grooming underage girls for sex with Jeffrey Epstein – has been held at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center for almost 17 months, after being arrested last year at her 156-acre estate in New Hampshire.

Her lawyers say she’s suffering weight loss, hair loss and failing eyesight because of her time in jail, where conditions have left her exhausted and unable to properly help prepare her defense […].

Among the complaints filed with the court, Maxwell’s lawyers say she has been:

  • Denied an eye mask to block sleep disturbances
  • Denied access to the prison commissary, for no apparent reason
  • Subjected to regular cell searches and open-mouth inspections
  • Awakened every 15 minutes by night-time flashlight checks
  • Subjected to a jail rife with vermin and exposed to the odor of overflowing toilets
  • Served a moldy salad
  • Shoved into her cell and then forced to scrub it in retaliation for reporting physical abuse
  • “Touched in a sexually inappropriate manner by corrections officers on multiple occasions” during patdowns
  • Threatened by a U.S. marshal, who warned her: “You are not special – remember, you are in custody and the judge doesn’t care about you”
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Would it no possible for her to squeal as part of a plea bargain at this point? Obviously the guilty convictions can’t be altered, but maybe she could get the lightest sentence. I can’t see an appeal working.

I suppose then she’d get suicided.

It’s one thing to squeal, but if you don’t have proof it’s only gonna be a he-said-she-said.

More interestingly who is she supposed to squeal to? The FBI?

I think I can see a flaw in this cunning plan.


We’ve packaged Andrew up. He’s currently in a large manilla envelope at Buckingham Palace. Where do you want him?


Never trust a woman with Ghis in her name.

Or a man. He might invade you with his hordes of Mongols.

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If you don’t visit Mongolia"
“Mongolia visits you”
Dschinghis Khan - Moskau (Live 1979) - YouTube

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