The Giant Thali Challenge

The Thali in Neihu has a new challenge. If you can finish this plate with 30’ food items in 30min it’s free! Wish I was back in Taiwan to try.


They don’t serve Kingfeemer. Kingfisher is the fake Indian beer. It’s not authentic Indian cuisine.

No idea about authenticness, but I love the food there.

As far as I understood, the owners are India-connected and speak the language, most kitchen staff (and a good portion of patrons) look like they could be hailing from that area as well.

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It doesn’t look that big

It looks like 80% sauces and 20% bread like thingies. If Indian food didn’t cause me to spend hours on the toilet creating unholy tsunamis, I’d give the 30 minutes challenge a try.


Maybe they make it impossibly spicy so you can’t complete the challenge without running to the crapper
Would they let you complete the challenge there? In one end out the other :wink:

Implying I wouldn’t simply stay at my table furiously shitting myself while I complete the meal within 30 minutes.


No but I suspect the currys are heavy with the naan and bread. But it looks reasonably doable. This wouldn’t work in places like the US, a lot of people can probably do this there.

yeahh we got Indian takeaway pretty often I’m sure I could destroy this I’m signing up

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Looks pretty good. I bet I could easily finish it in an hour, but 30 minutes would probably be a bit of a challenge.


I could finish two of them in 10 minutes and still have room for a wafer thin mint.

Gee I loves me a good thali mind. Have to give this one a try.


If you do, let us know.

Didn’t know a reasonably genuine looking thali could be had in Taipei. Trouble is it is way too big.

Also Taiwanese in general are quite respectful of food, and don’t like to waste it, I wonder if this jars a little. -1 on this gimmick :-1:

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There’s also a fundamental contradiction in this. A true thali is bottomless. You finish a condiment or a curry they top it up.

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If I was to have eaten a thali that was not bottomless, would that mean it was not of the ‘true’ variety? :slight_smile:

What other features must a ‘true’ thali have?

“Kunal Vijaykar considers an unlimited thali as quintessentially Indian, not just for variety or limitlessness, but because it is true to Indian tradition”

Kunal Vikaykar no less…


Name sounds pretty Indian…

Apparently he’s big in Indian foods, sounds legit.


Why on earth would anyone want to scarf it down in 30 minutes? It looks nice. I’d rather just sit there and enjoy it, and pay the bill. Bit of a daft promotion, IMO.

Yeah, I agree, that challenge bit looks like one of those disgusting American Huge Food grotesqueries.
I don’t see it on the menu, does it say anywhere how much it costs if you just order it?

ETA: Holy snappin arseholes, they even deliver, now I really want to know how much it costs