The girl and the banana (Audi ad controversy)

Can we please continue living our lives and not see everything in a weird context!

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Ah, no. The image has meaning. The meaning is clearly intentional. She’s wearing a leopard skin print dress.

Leopards are an endangered species.

Print! It’s nylon!

FFS. Sometimes a banana is just a banana. Was the Minions movie (“bananaaaaa!”) veiled homosexual propaganda?

Still, it’s a completely crap advert. I have no idea what the kid, or the banana, or for that matter the car are doing in that picture. The tagline makes zero sense. I wonder which advertising agency charged money for that.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

That’s what Bill Clinton said.

Insert pinko pedophile cabal conspiracy theory here :hole:

Probably non, I guess it was the proud owner of the car putting the image of his car and daughter up for Instagram or Twitter. Companies do that nowadays. Strengthens the connection consumer-brand.
Some people have to meh about everything.


Nothing is accidental in advertising.


Quite. Company releases controversial ad to get attention. Shocking…

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The real problem here is that banana’s have been given a bad reputation. When in reality, few people use bananas for their populous reputation.

Bananas matter too!~

White inside, yellow peel.

Possibly, but I’m sure the tagline was added by a paid agency. Do you think that phrase means anything at all? Do you think it would convince people to buy an Audi?


I knew a girl named Anna.
From Louisiana.
Did it with a banana.

Beastie Boys?

Copy writers, brain stormed. Obviously not for this image.

Audi actually paid for that drivel? That’s literally worse than no tagline at all.


Unless they were deliberately trying to provoke controversy.

Even then, it’s still crap. It should’ve been, “Hey, mister. Need a lift?”


“plausible deniability”

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