The girl and the banana (Audi ad controversy)

“An Audi isn’t always just a VW.”

I do vaguely recall a film (8mm in fact - that long ago) that featured a girl (much older than the Audi one) and a Banana. Quality was poor, it was even rewound incorrectly after its previous viewing as it was shown in reverse!!. Enuf said.

“It could be Porsche!”

Whoa there sailor! Don’t get too excited.

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Non-specific urethritis? :thinking:


If you google girl+banana (yes, I just had to) the hits include several images featuring young kids that are genuinely creepy, and nobody seems to be making a fuss about that. Audi don’t have anything to worry about.

Did you try banana+girl?

So, Audi … next time use an orange!

Your heart would definitely beat faster if you were about to ram into a young girl wandering on the street eating a banana.

I’m gonna go watch Cuties.

Bunuel and Dali are facepalming in the afterlife.

Ballard would have loved it, though.

Or a grapefruit