The "Good-Lookingness Skips a Generation" Theory … 2&GT1=7651

In the above article, Brangelina’s expecting. The “experts” :unamused: believe the child will be “above average-looking.” I disagree. From my experiences, I have reached my own theory which I believe one day will win a Nobel Prize, the Good-Lookingness (Usually) Skips a Generation Theory.

Rarely do I see hot parents and offspring. And the children of most beautiful people you read about are well, kind of average, and not as attractive as their parents.

So yes, tosses hair my children will be butt. :smiley: :wink: :blush: :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m KIDDING!!!)

You met my daughter. What’s the verdict?

You met my daughter. What’s the verdict?[/quote]
She’s hot.

I figured as much. Makes me not.

I figured as much. Makes me not.[/quote]

I have the same problem…Don’t know whether to be bummed or relieved.

Think I’m relieved :slight_smile:

I guess the chieflette certainly proves this, at least on my half, but I’m not sure I like what you’re implying about my wife, there, big guy…

But what if one parent is ugly and the other beautiful?

My kids are all hairy, with long faces and ears on top of their heads, so I guess your theory is spot on.

Ai…okok. I haven’t worked out the kinks yet. You people think too much! :slight_smile:

This leads me to my other theory, the “Good-Lookingness Must be Unbalanced to be Successful” Theory. A relationship where it is obvious that one person is more attractive than the other works better. It’s been tried, tested and true. But I’m sure someone will find a flaw in this one too.

It can be lonely when you’re in a league of your own, but your post gives me hope. Thanks.

There’s a very good reason God invented paperbags and tequila.

I look almost exactly like my mother except with a smaller nose coughnosejobcough and completely different skin tone and hair colour. And my mom is like 1000000 times hotter than I am. So her shit skipped a generation with me STILL looking like her.

Me and my boy are both extremely beautiful! And my mom is, too! And her mom was the hottest girl in the village!

My mom is pretty nice looking. Everyone here kept asking if she was my younger sister…and I was 22 years old at the time.

Yes SAF yes! I’m pretty damn ugly and when i tell people i look really like my mum, but she’s really pretty, they just don’t know what I mean!

Our two boys are drop-dead gorgeous… but that’s the mixed blood thing (that and ugliness being like a recessive gene, thanks pretty mum)

(SAF you must have a ridiculously attractive mother) :blush:

I think so. My brother got her eyes. (Asshole) He is bald and fat and has chicks hit on him all the time. Just for his eyes. I got my father’s eyes. (asshole)

At least you didn’t get his asshole (eyes). :saywhat:

I may have. I haven’t look that closely at either of my parents.

All I can say is, thank goodness I look like my father…

Hey, me too, except Mom got the nose job!