The GOP's 2022 Commitment to America Thread

How about teaching students that the election was stolen from Trump by the derp state?

Isn’t that what the Democrats did for 4 years investigating Trump for a non existent made up collusion with Russia and spouting off how he wasn’t a legitimate president. All made up crap too, Clintons dirty tricks and deep state FBI/DOJ and the rest of them trying to impeach the guy from day one?

Was that in the curriculum ?

Is teaching kids the deep state stole the election from Trump in the curriculum?

Besides they have spent the past year and a half droning on about a non existent insurrection they most likely instigated themselves anyway.

No, no they didn’t

Yes they did, for those paying attention and looked at what happened. People relying on CNN to program them with what to think, believe there was an insurrection and it’s the worst thing to have happened since the civil war.

It wasnt taught to students in the curriculum, no

Those who pay attention saw January 6th as antidemocratic and instigated by Trump

Anyways, Mick’s example works also

Let’s see some more of that political cock blocking, Mike!

You don’t know Dick!

Good insights here

Paul Ryan :grinning: He was part of the Anti Trump crew, his efforts to block subpoenas during the first two years of the Russia Russia Russia investigation was evidence of that.

Seriously Trump had few allies in Congress or the House, most of the Republicans would have been happier to see Clinton elected and as such turned a blind eye to the Democrat onslaught to his candidacy and Presidency. Leaders like Mitch McConnell are the swamp, the so called moderates like John McCain are the same establishment creatures starting wars left right and center are the same ones like Dick Cheney who is no shilling for his daughter who is now the darling of the left is the same person who was most detested during his tenure and seen as one the biggest war mongers of his time, who now warns of the danger Trump poses to the republic.

The Trump victim card never gets old. The dude hung himself. Had he kept his mouth shut and off Twitter he might be more well received by voters. Unfortunately his ego gets in the way of everything.

Still waiting for you to explain what CNN and others meant by calling the opponents of Trump endorsed candidates, “establishment” candidates. But I suspect that might be difficult for you since you think the existence of an establishment or deep state or whatever you want to call it is a conspiracy theory.

Not a conversation we can have since it requires discussing something you don’t perceive exists.

I thought Deep State was supposed to be unelected civil servants trying to undermine Trump. Must be convenient to have a definition you can change everyday. Anyone against Trump is Deep State and any publication critical of Trump is MSM. If you need one person to blame then pick Soros.

Still waiting for you to address the continued trend of the GOP to move further and further from the majority of public opinion on almost all issues - abortion, gun laws, healthcare etc. etc.

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You don’t think it exists or is a figment of peoples imagination, it’s beyond your perception hence pointless to discuss.

For you everything falls on a left/right spectrum, although clearly many issues don’t like globalism, it’s just the establishment wings of both parties support that. It’s not like it’s a left/right thing at all since you can point to Bernie Sanders trashing trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, which aligned with Trump policies.

What is and what isn’t establishment is not only outside left/right politics, it’s also outside your perception. Have a good day.

My apologies to others for the distraction.

Trump was focused on unilateral trade wars. TPP didn’t align with his “policies”. He backed out and gave China a window of opportunity.

The biggest difference in the foreign policy approach of Trump vs. Biden/Obama is Trump’s focus on making deals for self-aggrandizement and neglecting or damaging relationships with allies. We see with both Russia and China that leveraging allies is the only way to protect the rules based order of Bretton Woods. Trump was ready to back out of NATO and give away the farm. He would’ve traded Taiwanese sovereignty for the sake of making a deal with China that made him look good. If you take a world view and put it through the lens of a self-obsessed man-child, you will get Trump’s “foreign policy”.

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