The GOP's 2022 Commitment to America Thread

Did you even read the first study by Pew Research I posted? If you did, you wouldn’t need to ask that question (same source as the graphic from your blog btw).

Also appears voters feel the same way.

People have the feelz of “extreme” 54 to 49. It’s amazing that you can continually not understand basic points and simultaneously undermine your own arguments.

The graphic from your blog is from the same source as mine (Pew Research) which you didn’t realize because you are asking basic questions. You could’ve even just looked at the graphics in my post and seen the data was concerning Congress. How… should we say… embarrassing :wink:

Don’t like the feelz? Then perhaps you shouldn’t post content that includes the feelz. Here’s a hint: all of the Pew Research data which both you and I posted is based on… surveys! :joy:

The graphic to which I referred in my post says “United States, political attitudes, by party leaning”. You don’t read what you post, you don’t read what I post, no facts dissuade you from your opinions - why do you even post here? How can you not feel embarrassed by your repeated misstatements and cross narratives?

You asked what I was referring to. I made the original post and comment about the Republican party moving further to the right…which you were responding to but didn’t bother to read obviously. Your post included data from a previous study conducted by Pew Research in 2014 (hard to tell because it’s a blog) but I recognized it because I’ve read the study.

There is no point in discussing anything with you. You will go to the furthest lengths to die on the :dagger: to prove your loyalty to the Republican party. It’s really uncanny the amount of unrelated topics you can insert a complaint about woke this,woke that, liberals blah blah.

I pay no attention to any of your criticisms and write off your arguments as overtly partisan. So please continue.

Ah, so you just missed the data, didn’t understand the topic, misrepresented the information (because you didn’t read it), and then attacked me while continually moving goalposts and arguing against previous things you said. Got it. Please, continue shilling.

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OK, so here we are , a month or so out from the midterm erections. The GOP has unveiled the Commitment to America, a la Newt’s 90’s thing. I’m looking for a paper copy of their plans, but so far has found only the hype:

Given the news, a thread change is in order. I started it, so I trust no toes will be tread upon. :bowing:

It has a website! Commitment to America

And a slightly-difficult-to-find one-page summary:

Most of it is unsurprising – more fossil fuels, more tax cuts, more border controls, more barriers to voting, and of course bans on abortions and trans athletes. I’m intrigued by the ongoing switch in party positions on regulation of tech companies, though.

Edit: I hadn’t seen the Parents’ Bill of Rights before but it seems fine, despite the rather silly situations it presumably arises from. I feel like this bit can only end in chaos, though:

(4) The right to visit their minor child at school during school hours.

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The Fed is hammering the surface economy, it almost seems like we have one institution that does not care about politics.

You can do that now in NY. You can stay all day if you want. Sit in the back. I mean, not like suddenly stop by and sit in for an hour. You make an appointment.

GOP setting the table. This is the last paragraph but my first question.

The notice to Thibault almost certainly suggests he will become a target of a broader House probe into Hunter Biden which has been promised by Republicans should they retake the chamber in the November midterm elections.

He’s a legit target. Should be one the dems should take on to save a bit of face. Bet they won’t.

the devil is in the details - wtf does the right to access information about teachers and 3rd party individuals entail? I volunteer at a school, and I don’t want crazy fucknut parents having access to my info. Schools can’t collect sensitive personal info on students? I guess that last one will be good as it’ll kill all the transgender related stuff, amiright? :smiley:

The focus of course is on the silly shut, do still no details. Not really. Just smarm.

I read it – perhaps optimistically – as just requiring transparency around subcontractors and training companies and such. I agree the wording could use some work.

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Gotta say, I don’t much give a shit about most of the big five. If this is it, then we may as well be playing musical chairs.

Nothing at the border will change due to congressional hearings. It’s just a swamp drowning in paperwork used as a head fake to get us to 2024 with zero accomplished and fingers loaded for pointing.

As for gas and oil, that’s going to happen anyway. As Will nuclear.


Hey, Trump’s America, Putin’s Russia, what’s the diff?

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Oh no, Mike! What’s it all really mean???

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