The Grand Bargain (January 2019 edition)


Wow. Just wow.


I love how he is presenting it as if Taiwan will also benefit from such a stupid deal.


Taiwan is a sovereign democracy with a strong military , we can’t just be handed over like Hong Kong .

The Chinese use united front tactics like this quite often. Probably some cash changed hands somewhere.

Also it’s not up to Trump it’s up to Congress and Taiwan relations act guarantees they have our back at this time, new bills have just gone through.


What a blithering idiot. The article reads like it was written by Neville Chamberlain.


This made me really angry. Then, by the end, I decided the author must have been pressured into writing this lengthy pro-China piece, by the person he met with who bristled at the mention of Taiwan.
If he knew and cared so little of this place, why did he write such a long, biased and incredibly outlandish article about it? Pressured into an apology, that’s why.



Blithering indeed. But this line takes the cake:

I can’t even. :speak_no_evil:


Some years ago I enjoyed an excellent lunch – banquet would be more accurate – with the Chinese ambassador to London, prior to embarking on a press trip to the People’s Republic to witness its impressive economic achievements first hand.

Nice opening. It least it shows us clearly that we are dealing with an asshole.

This matters more than most distant territorial scraps

What a condescending d*ck. With this arch imperialist attitude, it’s not surprising he seems pleased to act as Beijing’s mouthpiece, as China itself is also an imperial power and needs to be recognized as such.



Ignorant, ivory tower name dropper. How sad the Independent has given this man a megaphone to mouth his uneducated opinions.


.He visited China on a press junket. He say he got on extremely well with the Chinese ambassador…Sometimes.there are business links, women, maybe some compromised material when he visited China on the press junket.

No one writes an article like.that out of the blue .


I wrote a letter to the editor at the Independent regarding this piece, and if anyone else is interested in making a reply to this ignorant crap (which I would encourage you to do), here is the email address.


Good point.


Seeing this kind of aggressively ignorant article (where supposedly “positive” press has almost certainly been purchased) is actually quite helpful right now—it’s a reminder of the tactics being used by Beijing to try to further demoralize Taiwan and to squeeze our space.

Now shift registers and think about the endless, breathless, mind-boggling coverage of pro-China Han Kuo-yu down in Kaohsiung. It’s time to start connecting the dots here.

In the meantime, shame on the Independent for joining this game. The are now in the same class as TV Bull Sh*t (aka TVBS) here in Taiwan.