The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel? Is that thing still a hotel? You mean real people actually still stay there? No seriously, how is the old girl doing? They really should keep the place in top nick . Who owns the place now? Still the KMT? Who?

Back in the last century when tommy was still on the rock it was one of my fav places to hang out for an hour. BUT I only went to the second floor cafe, which had very nice club sandwhiches, steak sandwhiches and really the best burger i ever had in Taiwan. And the coffee was drip coffee and never ending. Coffee from a purcolator is still the best “mass coffee” in my view.

Also available and free parking.

But I never went regularly to their other restaurants and never stayed there, although was in a room once for a quick visit when a bud and his wife stayed there. Seemed ok.

They got cars here now, too.

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No water buffalos wandering in the front yard anymore you say?

OH brings a thought to mind. was with a gf then and had to wait before going across the lobby because Prince Rainier and his son Albert were walking across the lobby (Grace Kelly was upstairs in the room at the time apparently).

gF: why do we have to stop walking?
me: because that is Prince Rainier and his son crossing the lobby , along with the security.
gf: but why do we have to stop walking?
me: because they are VIP and we are VUP (very unimportant people)

OH must have been around this visit :

It’s a tour stop for some.

Lobby is cleaned up, very red, and sad but popular buffet to the side.

No second floor cafe and no burgers. Note there is a cafe at the back entrance on the side, next to new. Family Mart. Nice view though.

No free parking.

Still a working hotel then. Any good? Who owns the place now? Any ideas?

MoTC owns it.

I didn’t think you were that old tommy525.

It might be an OK stay for nostalgia.

Old enough to have a gf in 82 :muscle:

Never stayed there so no nostalgia for me
Sure That cafe in the mezzanine in the back is no more ?

It wasn’t the real second floor but a window less mezzanine but they knew me there cuz I went a lot

One time went there right after a perm and the girls were laughing but not in my face
They never chatted with me
Maybe hotel policy

What he lacks in age he makes up for with banality.

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Sad I know but if you want to know about the old Taipei

Grace Kelly died in 82.


They’re claiming the slide tour now cause them to have a profit for the first time in 24 years.