The great cornflake armageddon

Sunday at 8:30am the planets will align themselves into the shape of a giant cornflake, the last time this happened was 65 million years when the dinosaurs were extinctiated. 8:30am is also breakfast time. And tomorrow my cornflakes will be finished. These facts has been known by NASA, the CIA, Sciencetology and Pizza Hut since 1982 but they refuse to acknowledge all of these facts. Why has this conspiracy been allowed to carry on like this ?

It’s not just a normal cornflake, but a cornflake of galactic proportions. It happens during my breakfast which consists of cornflakes. These things cannot be a coincidence. I suggest you all put a cornflake box on your head to prevent rays from the planet Mimimimimi (a giant round cornflake, another fact NASA has keep secret) from mutating you.

I know these because I know all the secrets of these organisations, and because I have communicated with aliens who spoke to me through my breakfast, and I can see the future.

Is this some kind of sarcasm? The alignment I mentioned in “the other thread” is just something I read about, and I posted a thread to discuss it. Certainly not something I claim to be true since I have no knowledge related to astronomy.