The Great Reset

fuq him

The terrible thing about their platform is that they have correctly identified some problems and potential solutions; there’s nothing inherently wrong with the PRT concept. It’s just that their proposed implementation hinges upon WEF members deciding how everything is going to happen, who controls all the capital, and who gets excluded from the system if they haven’t been a good little Borg this week and received their mandated upgrades.

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Liked Sapiens; Homo Deus was basically a 500-page ad for Google and Apple.

It was crap, wasn’t it?

We are more than capable of producing plenty of food. Some places are just too poor for anyone to care about them. Other places are too corrupt to manage food appropriately. Some places are just plain shitty and only the hardened, self-sufficient should be there. But the earth as a whole could easily feed double the current population. It’s all BS.


Yes, the old stop crime chestnut is rolled out.

Calls in Holland for a carbon wallet. The kind where the rich can buy carbon credits from the peasants so they can virtue signal.

Covers this report:

When the new boss is a WEF gopher you get this:

There are protests to remove the new boss, who is the same as the old boss, in Sri Lanka.

More here:

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Drip, drip, drip:

Another cash cow (a la C19 response) where money will vanish down a deep hole?

The ‘metaverse’. Transhumanism on the way… one of the reasons there is the transgender push on youngsters.