The Great Shinzhuang Ikea Hike?

A visit to the big Ikea in Shinzhuang is planned. Anyone advise of nearby hikes, accessible on a scooter, that would make the day a little more worth it?

And btw, some excellent threads here that have got me itching to roam. I can’t believe how many weekends I spend holed up in Taipei doing the cafe/bookshop/bar/club/movie routine ad infinitum.

Cheers for the inspiration

There’s a big park with basketball hoops and baseball fields by the river behind Ikea. Not much hiking there though…although a stroll around Fu Ren University would give you some trees…and there is a big althetic field in the back too.

Thanks JD, but I was thinking more of the hills that border that area. Maybe I’m talking out of my a**? I need to get myself a map/one of those, Taipei Day Walks’ books.

Hmm, maybe you mean closer up the hill to Lin Ko.

Dude just drive right through Hsinjuang and head to Ying Ge. We’ve some nice hiking here that’s not so far off the beaten path that it would eat an entire day doing it. :smiley: