The Greater Forumosa Photo Thread

I thought of this while in Istanbul, and giggled all the way to Athens.
Then I got to the top of the Acropolis, realized that I didn’t have a screen shot saved, and there was no wifi up there, so I was kind of screwed.

boo :frowning:

Whatever. Here’s my clever idea, poorly photoshopped.

The Ruins of Civilization.

I’d like to upload a better version to my flickr account, and if any of you can do it before I get around to it, so much the better :smiley: (I’d like to post it to flickr, though of course you get the glory, and would be welcome to post this one to your own page if you’d like.).

So… Photoshop contest! Here’s the original. Someone, please, see if you can’t get a decent screen shot in there. Otherwise, go nuts. Be fun to see what you come up with.