The greenish color of uranus

Just thought uranus deserved equal time. … uranus.htm … ranus.html

Two more cool photos of uranus

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Uranus is quite big! I wonder how many earths you could put it in.

Yes, I like space stuff, me. I take it dead serious, so you won’t be hearing any “your anus” jokes from me.

Uranus is blue because of methane in the atmosphere, the same methane as in farts. So Uranus smells of farts.

[quote=“NeonNoodle”]Uranus is quite big! I wonder how many earths you could put it in.[/quote]63.086

Uranus was the source of one of my biggest downfalls.

It was the first time I’d checked into a public library outside of school on a research mission, rather than a browse and peck. I was seeking info for a school project on Uranus at the age of 12. ]

“I’ve been looking up Uranus for ages and I can’t find anything at all,” I said full of exasperation and innocence. The stereotypical librarian cracked the faintest of smiles, slutty in hindsight, and said, “that all depends what you’re looking for. Hmmm?”

Sent to reach back looking for the cause of the sudden unnatural stand off I got it, and laughed hysterically until a friend dragged me out the door.

Did it have a green hue? In this instance it might have.


Uranus is cool but it’s Shakespearean moons are far more interesting to study or read about.

Blue rings around Uranus!

I still remember a headline from the Voyager 2 flyby in 1986: “Probe spots rings around Uranus”

…entendres que magnifique!

I’m curious, Chris. Did that probe actually enter uranus?


“They should eat more fresh fruit!”

No, it was too busy wiping out Klingons…

Didn’t anybody notice the alien space station above that huge crator in the third image?