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I think we need a Thread of the Month award…we can call them The ???..The Gussies(?)…PM your ideas for what to call them.

For May, I think just a single category…a very prestigous chop maybe (Gus?) that the
:laughing: Thread-Bearer :laughing: can carry for the subsequent month…

This month, nominations are for Comedy only…we need laughter (careful not to choke on your mask if you do find something to laugh at) these days, so why not? Sorry AFPS!

Other considerations for nominating a thread should be: How did it stretch our pens? How hard did the muse grab us when we responded to the thread?

And all nominations should be seconded. By PM. To me.

Voting closes midnight, last day of the month.

I am king. My word is final.

GavinJanuar??s…you too can vote…as is Our Grace, you are hereby forgiven your sins of transgression and can once again be a citizen in Our heart.

I hereby nominate Rayman for the first ever Gussie(?) for this gem.

POO: I’ll need a second before I start a poll.

And in the same breathe, point out the very definition of irony…

[quote=“rayman”]Hello everyone,

Well I had planned to arrive in Taipei next month to do what so many others do, and find a teaching job. However, last night I did somethng incredibly stupid. I was arrested for drink driving (moderate range). After I face court, I will have a Criminal Record as this is a criminal offense in the state of NSW, Australia.

Can anyone tell me if this makes it tougher, or even impossible to firstly, travel to Taiwan and secondly, to gain a work visa.

Thanks for any advice[/quote]

Here’s our buddy Rayman back again…you may remember him from his Nancy Reagan-esque thread earlier this month which gave us all the best opportunity to stretch our wits as any in recent months.

First of all, let me say this…


Is that all you drunks can think about? You should smoke a joint and reflect on how your actions might affect others.


And what’s with the “the” in the quote above? Still drunk?

:imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp:

You farkin moron…keep your liquored ass far away from my streets. Don’t you know that you are NOT to drink and drive…again…you farkin moron…

Sorry to break the usual harmony that is Toe Save…and if Rayman is trolling, I’m a troll…but don’t drunk drivers piss you off as much as , say, drive-by shootings or suicide bombers? Same result…the premature snuffing of an innocent life…and an argument can be made in all these cases that the victim is targeted…is that what lawyers call “culpable intent”? Hey, I’m no lawyer, and while others may hate lawyers…I HATE DRINKING DRIVERS…

:imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp: :x :imp:

Toe Save,

I second your motion.

Own up, who mis-read this sentence:

not me

[quote=“matthewh”]Own up, who mis-read this sentence:

not me[/quote]
I did.

If he had been caught here???

That would have been something. A confiscated car and a NT$60k+ fine. And he was worried about drugs?

no…got to be the one… can’t remember where it was but it was some lady saying that her son had a liking to Esctasy and she was worried would this make him more suspectible to SARS… and therefore was wondering should he come to Taiwan :shock: