The hardest part of hello is saying goodbye. How to cope?

The hardest part of saying hello is saying goodbye.

How do you cope with

Rather than being sad, be happy that you have found someone you love, who loves you back. Every time you miss her, smile to yourself that you can actually feel this way about someone. The 2 months will fly by, btw.

Congratulations! :rainbow:

First, congratulations!

Second, are you nuts? It’s TWO MONTHS man. Two months. It’s nothing. Blink of an eye. Gone like nothing. shish.

Spend your time getting ready to go, doing everything you need to before you go, and soaking up all the sweet spots you walk by every day, 'cause you’ll be missing them later.

That’s it. Next thing you know, you’ll be on the plane.

[quote=“derek1978”]The hardest part of saying hello is saying goodbye.

How do you cope with

You lucky bugger :slight_smile: Good luck with everything and remember - you are already a legend in the expat community as duck-farm-guy and welcome in Taichung any time.

[quote=“derek1978”]The hardest part of saying hello is saying goodbye.

How do you cope with “long distance” heart ache? It sounds like the answer would be obvious, ie: fill your time with work, hobbies, etc. But how do you cope with missing someone so much?

My GF flew back to Taipei this morning after visiting for a week. :snivel: Thank you all for your great advice and suggestions for our one week holiday to Mt. Hood and San Francisco. It truly was a memorable week. Seeing a person you love experience many firsts is something to truly treasure :slight_smile: . The look on her face and the smile that she gave when she felt and saw snow for the first time was priceless. She got a kick out of the sea lions down at the pier and she developed a new found love for clam chowder. She insisted on riding only the trolley cars to go places we wanted. It was so innocent and wonderful. This trip gave her a chance to see my life the way it is for me in the US. I was full of anticipation to see if she would become determined to live in the US after visiting here, but to my surprise she actually prefers for both of us to spend the first 5 or so years of our marriage in Taiwan.

Yes, it is official, we are engaged… :yay:
My family welcomed her with open arms, and despite a very minor language barrier, they loved her to pieces. (Proposed to her at the top of coit tower over looking the entire city and the pacific towards Taiwan. Despite the rain, it was perfect.)

I learned a lot from our one week visit. A lot of misconceptions and rumors about marriage expectations in Taiwan were cleared up. Some of the misconceptions like expecting a payout for her just simply were not true to her family at all.

I am really looking forward to returning to Taipei in late April…now I just have to deal with her being gone for 2 months. Any suggestions?[/quote]

You’re a lucky duck! If you’re getting married, 2 months is just a drop in the bucket of looooooooveee!!!

[quote=“derek1978”]How do you cope with

Write some poetry.
(then try doing it in Chinese)

[quote=“derek1978”]The hardest part of saying hello is saying goodbye.

How do you cope with

That story makes my heart so mushy I could spread across a slice of bread. :notworthy: Try AFF, haha, jsut kidding.