The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


Thanks for that. I haven’t heard that album – three sides! – in ages.


[quote=“Whole Lotta Lotta”][quote=“jimipresley”]

Pretty wild ride their Jimi. I’ll reply with this…

OK, I’ll see y’all’s 1950s-sci-fi-themed rock and raise you: Roky Erickson “Creature with the Atom Brain”.


Thanks for that. I haven’t heard that album – three sides! – in ages.[/quote]

You’re welcome.

Oh, and a clarification of an earlier post in response to Tempo Gain: When I said Canned Heat was at the pop festival on the first or second day and I was there on the third day, I meant that I didn’t get to see Canned Heat.


Probably not the hardest rockin’ in terms of the music, but definitely in terms of the lyrics.


Not the real Alice Cooper, but a good version of a song I love. And the only decent version I could find.



I keep meaning to post this. That is something there


Yellow Machinegun. They played Spring Scream once.

True Punk!



The title to this song is basically the attitude I take into my English classes.



Not the hardest rockin song ever. But I couldn’t think of a better home for it.


I forgot how good an album frankenchrist is

first song:


I don’t know if this has been placed here before, but I am placing it here before it winds up on the Most Beautiful thread.


Please lemme know if any of these have already been posted.


Funky rock. I saw him play last month in LA, first gig on his tour, was quite a show.


Prince went nuts there towards the end of his new song :notworthy: .


Biagio Antonacci - Il Mucchio


The Heartbreaker’s Born To Lose with Jerry Nolan totally POSSESSED bashin that pink drum set. Pure circa '77 punk



This album slipped under my radar at the time, listening to a lot lately, pretty mad guitar and vocal performances