The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


This may not be the hardest rocking stuff, but since I’m in a trippy mood…

I’ve probably posted this already, but so what? It’s great.



Nice new TV design.


Some of the best rock of the eighties was put out by these guys.


I met a young girl who knows who Alice Cooper is this week! COOL :notworthy: !



Saw these guys a few times back in the early 80s. This is after they slowed down a bit but still rocks.
Husker Du! Unfortunately, I think you have to click on the bottom link as WMG wants to make life difficult for us.
This one’s a little faster. Note: I think the man with the stache is the only straight guy in the band.


Let’s turn it up a notch, maybe to 11. MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! :smiley:



Flipper! Hahaha! :smiley:
It’s been about 30 years since I heard anything by them. I remember seeing them in concert. They were always very good at pissin’ off the audience. They’d ask people what song they wanted to hear, play fifteen seconds worth, stop, and explain how all the songs were the same anyway. They could match Dirk Dirksen (RIP) at gettin’ SF punks riled up.

Love that crazy sax



[quote=“cfimages”][quote=“Charlie Phillips”]


Sweet. The Angels were the first live band I ever saw.[/quote]

No way, get fucked, fuck off!


I’d like to dedicate this to Mr. Jimi Presley:


I am glad to see that somebody brought this thread back to life :wink: .




Brought this beauty back from the ol’ country. Let’s see how many of you remember -heck, which ones know it, recognize it, have even heard it before.

Read on if you dare:


Yow! Yow! Yow! Praise the Plethysmograph


This is not bad. New song from Izzy Stradlin.


Glad to see The Stooges represent. This one is alright.