The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!




Mexican kinda recent bands

PXNDX - Narcisista Por Excelencia

DLD - Dixie



Favorite song of my favorite band.


Loving this one! Going to check that band out!


PXNDX - Narcisista Por Excelencia
Loving this one! Going to check that band out![/quote]

Glad you liked! Here you have a couple more, don’t know what to share there’s a loooot.

Zurdok - Abre Los Ojos

And for the ladies
Belanova - Rosa Pastel



[quote=“Whole Lotta Lotta”]I met a young girl who knows who Alice Cooper is this week! COOL :notworthy: !

Weirdly,and gladly, I gave my niece a ride in my car one sunny day recently when she was visiting us for a week. She’s 20, and very Taiwanese. I asked her if she wanted to play some music, and she asked if I had any ACDC. Wow: and of course I do. After the whole of Back in Black, she then asked if I had any early Velvet Underground. Who says there’s no hope for the young these days? (and of course I did, we played the banana album with Nico and then moved on to Thurston Moore’s version of European Son…etc.)



I always liked this one, and probably posted it before, but found this extended version

In the process found that it’s about the disturbing story of one R Budd Dwyer, which I had never heard of or seen, but now will not soon forget. Always wondered what the lyrics were about.


nurse with wound/stereolab animal or vegetable (a wonderful wooden reason)


Skinny Puppy - Spahn Dirge

“In 1993, that’s when we’ll all be free”



Forgot about this one, phew. Wouldn’t go blasting it at work :slight_smile:


Wow, it was hard to pick just one song, but to me the hardest rocking song is probably this one, but it was a tough choice to make)


Punk rock is always a good choice. I think I can post this next one without being racist since I’m an American.


Tales of a Scorched Earth