The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


I had a lot of those 80s metal albums on tape, which actually sounded pretty good other than the hiss. It would be nice to have the vinyl though, or at least good vinyl rips.


We used to have a bit of vinyl back in the day. Not much survived though :slight_smile: Somehow the Anti-Nowhere League record did, how I heard it lately!


Sounds like Violent Femmes on speed.


Just listened again, fits my new avatar


This has to be the world record for the Hardest Rockin Song Ever!


Upon more listenings, it’s superior to the Femmes, and far more lyrically profound.


Slayer doesn’t mess around. I’m partial to the Bad Brains too.

This one really captures the energy of punk concerts in the 80s. Just wish the recording quality was better:


Now that was a tape. Those first 5 songs


& video






When it comes to the Beatles, this one seems a little harder:


Do kids like hard rocking songs? Almost makes me think kids are cute…almost.


Too much cuteness. Time for a doom metal palate cleanser.


Kinda brings this to mind

Been coming back to this a lot lately


Didn’t realize that Jello was part of the 1,000 Homo DJs project.

Damaged is still my favorite Black Flag album for that perfect combo of humor and nihilism. And Greg Ginn is a totally underrated guitarist. Who says punks can’t play their instruments?


I know him and Jorgenson have done some stuff, but didn’t know he did anything in that either.

Greg Ginn is awesome. He did make like 97 on the top 100 guitarists in Rolling Stone one time, swimming in the mainstream lol. Damaged will always hold a special place in my heart. More Ginn