The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


Forgot how killer this is


Possibly my favorite Metallica album.


When it came out I remember being blown away. Today, I’d take any of the next three first. But not bad


The next two are also excellent…I don’t really like much after that.


Not And Justice For All? That could just be my favorite


For me, that’s when the sound started to get a little too clean and precise, less thrashy. They lost me completely on the Black Album.


It’s pretty sick though. Nothing after that has grabbed me either. Gonna have to listen to AJFA again now and some later stuff to be sure :new_moon_with_face:


Maybe I’ll have to go back and give it another listen. It may sound completely different with my current ears. These days, metal is more of an occasional mood than a habit. But it’s usually something like Slayer that hits the spot.


Already been discussed here I imagine,


I’m not usually into that kind of music, but that song and the video that goes with it are interesting.

I went to their Facebook page, and it gives their hometown as “台東比西里岸/pisilian,taitung” (Google Maps writes it as Pisirian).

Under “Genre” they put “Pangcah.” :slight_smile:


A couple years ago I came upon them one night when I was walking past Tiehua Music Village in Taidong. It was the last couple songs of their show and I was blown away- big heavy sound, aboriginal garb, and the singer interacting with a little kid from the audience. I was like, “what the f…? This is awesome!”
Since then their popularity seems to be growing but unfortunately I keep missing their shows.
They should/will be as big as Chthonic imo.
I really miss Tiehua.


20 years ago this was one of my favourites albums. I don’t listen much to this music anymore, but I still find it fuckin’ awesome. Not sure how I should feel abou it…


Maybe not their hardest rockin, but catchy as heck


I like the Iron Maiden and System of a Down version.


This rocks…not the most famous band but awesome nonetheless


A weird thing I liked. I liked weird things. Weird.


Loved this one!


Nice sound. The Yucheng Recording Studio is close to Nangang Sports Center (checked). I see they’re from Taitung. Interesting.


And I posted this one before but it’s just awesome:


It’s pretty interesting when the two are played simultaneously