The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


Doesn’t do anything for me. It’s missing that edge that Rage Against the Machine had. I always found their dumbed-down left wing politics annoying, but I liked the sound they created, especially Tom Morello’s guitar. The Prophets of Rage just sound like a watered-down imitation. And Chuck D sounded much better in Public Enemy.





All the elements were already in place, I see. Robert Plant’s voice was so powerful then. Jimmy Paige’s psychedelic style was just waiting to mature. John Bonham’s drum set was so simple but it wouldn’t get all that more complicated. The tambourine on the hi hat is just waiting to happen. Don’t have any idea what a great musician JPJ is from this, though.


Not exactly hard rockin, but worthy nonetheless…
Shout out to Brother @the_bear
The Mighty Feat, backstage in Auckland, apparently, 1977

My favorite part is the righteous shiner Richie Hayward’s sporting…souvenir of last night’s pub crawl, no doubt