The Hopefully Mercifully VERY Short Jussie Smollett Trial Thread


I’ve got a feeling he’s going to walk. The rich and famous always seem to avoid the consequences of their actions.


I think he’ll have to write a check to someone.

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Wouldn’t it be racist in 2021 to convict him? :wink:

Time to rewatch the Boondocks:

It’s Chicago; there will be at least three blacks on the jury who will absolutely refuse to convict a brutha.


We shall see.

At least he’s still the center of attention.

I hope the Nigerian bros get called as witnesses. This could be quite entertaining. :popcorn:



and this:


The thing about “going to plan” is the plan was really stupid.

I can’t believe Smollett is fighting this. It’s embarrassing.

I can’t believe no one asked the brothers “did you ask Jussie Smollett why he wanted to fake a hate crime?”. Guess that line of questioning is off limits.

It’s a cash and fame grab. He’ll be the new Black Panther in a few years.

I don’t think it would be relevant in a court of law. However, it has to go down as the dumbest fake hate crime ever.

He doesn’t have the cojones to be a Black Panther.

That Pretty Woman chick doesn’t have a pinky. She does fine.

Julia Roberts lost a finger?!? :open_mouth:

Daryl Hannah, and it’s her index finger.

My bad.