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Does anyone else wonder why such a big deal is being made about the guy possibly being parolled and studying at NTU? I’m sure that many convicted rapists finish their sentences or are parolled and are let out into society every few days without any attention whatsoever. So why all the sensation about this guy? The only reason I can think of that this would be getting attention is that the daughters of influential people go to NTU, and they must be protected at all costs, while the rest of the women in Taiwan will just have to take their chances with the convicted rapist living nearby.

Its just typical sensationalist Taiwan news fodder. What I find more strange is that he presumably had some kind of education counselling in jail, yet the authorities did not persuade him to choose a course of study he would eventually be able to parley into a job. Apparently he wants to become a social worker – a profession he is automatically disqualified from due to the nature of his conviction – at least according to the social services official quoted in today’s Taipei Times.

In response to Poagao and Sandman’s sensitive responses, above, to the parole of the serial rapist.

I don’t think many, if any, of the top officials are getting riled up about the parole of this rapist. It’s mostly women’s groups and female students at NTU and other universities. But what else could you expect from women? Just because women are the ones who get raped (I know. I know. There is such a thing as male rape, but, hey guys, just how big a blip does that produce on your radar screen – unless you are in prison?)

For reasons I guess only a woman can really understand, rape seems to be an extraordinarily traumatic experience for them. And then if they just happen to get pregnant from the experience, they are also going to get all emotional about having to go through an abortion. Women are like that, I guess. Just a walking bundle of emotions.

Just because this poor guy heavily favored female university students while he was on the loose, the female university students are especially upset now. Probably some of these women are so set against this guy that they might even think that he’s entering university and working on a degree that he can never use just to simplify his hunting in the future. The old fox in the henhouse idea. Except now I guess we would say the wolf in the henhouse.

And then they say that he didn’t get much, if any therapy. Well, he did – for a few days. At the beginning of his term – along with a lot of other guys for a variety of problems. I mean, just because he didn’t receive any therapy specifically related to being a serial rapist . . . That’s the trouble today. Everybody wants a specialist!

And so what if the recidivism rate for rapists is exceptionally high (above 80%??). The guy deserves a chance. Even though anyone with half a brain wouldn’t bet on this guy staying clean, still, he deserves a chance.

And if he rapes another bunch of women, well, they’ll just put him in jail again. Who knows? Maybe he’ll serve more than a third of his term before they let him out again.

And what the hell, guys. WE don’t have to worry do we? This is just one of those girl things.

[OH, Lorena! Where are you when we need you?]

I had trouble figuring out what you were trying to say in your last post. It sounded like you were trying to be tongue and cheek except that you didn’t say anything funny.
I mean I love sarcasm, but usually it works better if you are making a joke or point relavent to the point at hand.
After reading your post a couple of times, all I could get from it was that you were saying, “rape is bad” or maybe that rapists should be locked up for life or be castrated. Is that what you were trying to say?

I thought it was pretty obvious what Ben was saying, dumb dumb. You go Ben!! I personally think rapists should have their dominant arm amputated.-v

Oh I’m sorry. I see now. All bad people should be locked up forever, maimed or maybe killed. That’ll teach them to be bad.

Is this similar to laws in the US by some localities that do not allow convicted child molesters to become Elementary school teachers etc.? I think there would be even more of an outcry in the US about this. Finally, serial rapists of this magnitude are not commonplace in Taiwan, well anywhere for that matter. It is kind of extreme. Also, I think only serving 6 out of the 16 years for 19 counts of rape then being allowed to attend University is too extreme. I am a 100% believer in giving ex-cons a chance at rehabilitation, but I think his sentence was too light, but then I wasn’t in the courtroom back in 1996 when he was sentenced.

What if your girlfriend or sister went to school there too. Will there be an armed police officer with him at all times? What is parole like? Is he basically free but only needs to check in with his parole officer? Sheesh, 6 years for 19 counts of rape.

I wasn’t asking whether you thought rape is bad. I know rape is bad. I’m just saying, why does this one get all the attention because he would be going to NTU? Would he get the same amount of attention if he were accepted by another, lesser university, or not even accepted by a university at all? I’m pretty sure there have been other rapists in Taiwan, with the same or even worse offenses, getting out of prison and going back into society, living in the same buildings as women, working with women, even living with women…but I’ve never seen such a big fuss made over them. But this one wants to go to NTU, where all the important women are. Oh, well, can’t have those women in danger, can we?

Yeah Paogao, I knew where you where coming from. The problem is that if you want to talk about any aspect of a controversial issue, people can’t wait to ring in to say that they’re on the “right” side. As far as I can tell it happens mostly when talking about rape/sexual harassment, capital punishment, drugs, homosexuality, abortion, racism, prostitution and child molestation. To talk about any aspect of these subjects is to bring down a rain of comments meant to establish that the speakers are against the “bad” thing and a chorus of angry "Are you saying that you’re for the bad thing?"s. Since these people have taken the moral high road, by disagreeing with them you are seen as advocating the “bad” view even though you may only be disagreeing with the speaker. This is why these topics are usually not discussed in public forums. You never get anywhere.

I see two issues being confused here: One is whether or not the legal system here adequately addresses sex offenders and the crimes they have committed, and the other is whether or not this guy poses a danger to society, and if so, what can be done?

Definitely, there appear to be inadequacies in the system. His served time seems to be fairly light, considering the nature of his crimes. There was virtually no treatment / rehabilitation for the guy, so he’s basically the same guy he was when he went in. To his credit, he did ask to be chemically treated to lessen his libido, so I guess there is at least recognition of his problem. Whether or not he can turn over a new leaf or not remains to be seen.

I do not believe that it is up to the hysteria being whipped up by the public and the media right now to determine what this man’s legal rights are. Taiwan has its own judiciary to decide this sort of thing, and to retroactively impose punishments or restrictions on individuals who have already paid their debt to society, (at least according to the laws already in place) seems to me to be a draconian response more worthy of our comrades on the mainland.

If we don’t like the laws, it’s up to us to change the laws, NOT the manner we feel they should be applied to certain individuals on a “case-by-case” basis. That’s the difference between Rule of Man and Rule of Law.

Today I went to the big Confucian temple and the tour guide said:

<<Look at those birds on the corners of the temple. Those are the “wicked birds” because they ate their own mother. But Confucius said that education is for everybody, righteous and sinful alike. So even the wicked birds have a place on the temple of the Great Teacher.>>

I know everyone’s ticked off that the guy was gonna out early. But I think they’re more ticked off because he would have gotten out early to be admitted to a prestigious educational institution. If he got out early to be a taxi driver or something, would there be so much fuss? I don’t think so. A lot of people get out of prison early because of good behavior and they get back into society somehow. But there aren’t many “wicked birds” on the Confucian temple.

did i miss something? He didn’t get out! He was denied parole:

Everyone was pissed that he had a parole review so early.

Also, many felt that his productivity (19 counts!) entitles him to severe punishment and therapy.