The Impeachment Inquiry and other DOJ Investigations of Filthy Joe Biden Thread

I think he’ll get a lot of crack in prison–butt crack. :clown_face:

I am shocked! I am simply shocked that this is being reported at all.
What’s Joe have to say?

Never fuck with a Biden, right?

He’s not going to jail.

That’s not certain yet, right? He won’t get 25 years but he could get 12-24 months?

For a non-violent first offense? I doubt it. He didn’t even profit. Basically, he filled out a form wrong.

I don’t think he’ll do time either, but it bears pointing out that he did not fill out a form wrong, he lied on a form (about using drugs, which he indicated he had stopped doing but was proved a liar by info on his laptop). A lie on that form has sent many Americans to prison, too.

FWIW, in my opinion he should also do time for being a disgusting, amoral graduate of the US Naval Academy. What a sad sack length of excrement.

Because he lied on it. Knowingly lied. It’s not like he forgot to cross a t.

Now, on to sunny Cali and tax evasion!

Move on towards the big fish. :tropical_fish:

Yeah. No jail time. Maybe 1000 hours of volunteer service at a Clinton or Soros organization.

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I’m sure compared to Clinton Foundation activities; Hunter would be considered a clean marine.

Why not? The same judge sentenced another person to a year in prison as first offender for similar thing in May this year.

Totally different situation.

When the levee breaks—

CNN’s Tapper slams Biden DOJ for withholding Hur Tapes: ‘No basis’ | Watch (

This is the same sh8t Cuomo did in NY when he wouldn’t allow his covid response documents to be released because they’d be used against him politically.

ya don’t say. :roll_eyes:

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His statements were quite clear and there was no whining.

After Hunter Biden was convicted, President Joe Biden told reporters that he would neither pardon his son nor commute his sentence.

“Joe and I both respect the judicial system, and that’s the bottom line,” Jill Biden said Saturday.

President says he won’t pardon Hunter Biden

President Joe Biden said Thursday that he was “satisfied” that his son Hunter received a fair trial before a jury convicted him this week on three felony gun charges.

Now that’s a whopper…


Hunter Biden and his lawyers believe he’s the victim of “selective and vindictive prosecution” and even the prosecution admits it: “But here the prosecution has told us. Not only does the evidence show that Mr. Biden is the victim of a selective and vindictive prosecution, but—to use a phrase—that evidence is on steroids.”


INTRODUCTION This Indictment reflects a selective and vindictive prosecution of Mr. Biden and a breach of separation of powers, and it that should be dismissed in accordance with the due process and equal protection components of the Fifth Amendment. The legal necessity of dismissing a selective and vindictive prosecution is clear, but defendants can seldom prove that such an improperly motivated prosecution has occurred because it is difficult to prove what is in the mind of prosecutors. See, e.g., United States v. Armstrong, 517 U.S. 456, 465 (1996). But here the prosecution has told us. Not only does the evidence show that Mr. Biden is the victim of a selective and vindictive prosecution, but—to use a phrase—that evidence is on steroids.

Speaks volumes how a GOP led congress has had nearly 4 years to impeach Biden, and seems to have done everything they could, and the best result they have is a drug addicted relative made a mistake, for which he will be punished without special consideration to his relative’s position

If Joe wins again, I hope he puts Hunter in charge of prison reform. And maybe middle east peace

How about lying and corruption?

I leave that to Trump, Giuliani, Powell, the fake electors and his GOP apologists in the House and Senate among others. They are experts at lying, doubling-down and then tripling-down on lies. Then repeating them for years. True experts!

At least we don’t have to listen to lies any longer from the Bidens and their supporters about who the laptop actually belongs to. That’s progress:

Hunter Biden’s laptop, the one of much discussion and controversy that was obtained via FBI subpoena from “The Mac Shop,” was handed to witness FBI agent Erika Jensen. Jensen confirmed its authenticity.

“This is the laptop that was recovered from the computer store,” she said. When asked how she was able to confirm the laptop’s authenticity, Jensen said the serial number on the back of the laptop matches the serial number provided in Apple Inc.’s subpoena response for records.

The FBI verified its authenticity in November 2019. The 51 former senior intelligence officials wrote their letter claiming it had all the earmarks of a classic Russian disinformation operation in October 2020.