The Incredibles -- you MUST SEE this one!

This is a MUST SEE hilarious movie of the year…The incredibles!!

Edna is the killer in this movie…she has certainly brought even more life into this superhero thingy…and when you see it…remember all her moments and post here which you think is the best…

I shall begin…

love her lecture on the danger of capes for superheroes…it was hilarious! there are more more more…

And I am going to see it again…probably buy the DVD.

I just saw it tonight. It was farking hilarious. As a middle-aged man no longer at the top of my game, I could really identify with Mr. Incredible.
The animation was good and it had some great action sequences.

But Venus_buddy is right, Edna stole the show. Before coming to Taiwan I caught a “making of” show, none of the actresses that auditioned for the part had the voice Brad Bird was looking for so he did the voice himself. That was a good move on his part, nobody could have done it better.

“Who is that?..ah, Mr. Incredible! you’ve gotten fat”

Pretty much the whole time when Edna and Elastic girl are together. When Edna is introducing her to the new “family suits.”

But my favorite is when she explains the baby suit.

“…I cut it a little roomy for the free movement. The fabric is comfortable for sensitive skin…and can also withstand the temperature of over 1000 degrees…” :smiling_imp: :smiley:

Hahaha. With the flames reflecting off her glasses with the big evil grin. Classic. :smiling_imp: :smiley:

Now if only I could figure out how to cut that frame out…

Consistent laughs throughout the movie. Better than Finding Nemo! Surprised it was unpredictable all through the movie. Go see it!

Five out of Five stars for me.

Is it really that great? Hmmm…is it better than Finding Nemo? I loooved Finding Nemo.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Nemo. Seriously. Best movie I’ve seen in a loooooong time.

I think the funniest part was Ice speed-skating. Such realistic hilarious movements.
For me the previous comedy benchmark in cartoons was The Emperor’s New Groove.

Nemo left me cold. Monsters Inc. gets my vote.

Monsters Inc was great, but The Incredibles definitely trumps it.

Personally I really liked the bit where Frozone is looking for his supersuit. You could so see it was Samuel L Jackson, it was uncanny.

Oh, and Mr Incredible getting busted by that little kid on the tricycle, and then having the kid keep turning up to see some more cool stuff.

Trivia: When Mr. Incredible first meets Incrediboy, and he’s trying to remember the kid’s name, the first name he tries is Brodie. Incrediboy is voiced by Jason Lee, who played Brodie in Mallrats.

I dunno. The Christian Science Monitor’s reviewer suggests that this film might cause impressionable young minds to embrace Nietzschean or Ayn Rand-ian elitist Social Darwinism. Could be dangerous.

Oh for the love of God. :unamused:

Great, now you’re gonna make one of the moderators bounce this topic over to International Politics.

[quote=“Screaming Jesus”]I dunno. The Christian Science Monitor’s reviewer suggests that this film might cause impressionable young minds to embrace Nietzschean or Ayn Rand-ian elitist Social Darwinism. Could be dangerous.[/quote]

From that article:

I can’t help thinking there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that idea. :notworthy:

I saw that it’s showing in Chinese at the Mei Hwa theater (Hoping East Road). Where is the Incredibles showing in English?

Heck the politics!!! It’s everywhere anyway…

Warner warner…where else???..

I can’t help thinking there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that idea. :notworthy:[/quote]

Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. As an Aryan, I wholeheartedly agree. :bravo:

It’s not a political movie. Sure academics can pontificate about subtle underlying meanings, but the Incredibles is just good, fun entertainment. Yes, the superheros have to go into hiding because of a rash of litigation, but that’s just part of life in contemporary America, where the movie was made. Art is usually based on reality. The film is not pushing for tort-reform. It doesn’t obsess over the litigation – that’s just one detail that makes up the plot. If another device had been used instead, those academics would have perceived some other “hidden meaning.” Same for the various lines about society celebrating mediocrity and the Incredibles’ yearning to excel – that’s at the heart of the movie, but every movie has to be about something. The filmakers weren’t thinking how can we subtly convey this message to the public. Instead, they were trying to make an entertaining and profitable movie, and the fact that it conveys messages is incidental. All art conveys messages. If I make a grilled cheese sandwich and you see in it an image of the Virgin Mary, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I was simply making a sandwich. Incredibles is just a movie, but a good one.

Have you even seen the movie? It was obvious the writers were trying to put across a message - virtually every story told for kids does. It’s the good old “moral of the story” style thing. In this case, it was that you should be proud of who you are and not hide your light under a bushel. Sure, it wasn’t a “message movie”, as in one of those ones that shoves it down your throat at all moments, but to say the message was accidental is crap.

Yes I have seen the movie. It wasn’t a “message movie” like F911, whose primary purpose was to convey a message (but which was also good entertainment). Instead, I believe the primary purposes of the Incredibles were to entertain the masses and make money, in which case they succeeded. I never said the messages were accidental, I said they were incidental. That is, I don’t believe the writers, directors, producers, etc. had as their primary purpose conveying subtle messages, which is what those quoted in the Christian Science Monitor seemed to suggest (but of course we’re all speculating; to know their intentions you’d have to ask them). I admit the movie conveys messages, just as all art does (art for adults as well as for kids), but by calling the messages incidental I simply meant the film was intended primarily as entertainment, not propaganda.