The inflammatory rhetoric thread

Because it keeps coming up elsewhere, and it’s making ungodly messes of the other threads. Here is one place for all talk of civility-for-me-but-not-for-thee, dog whistle conspiracy theories, hate speech, and those triggered by - or pretending to be triggered by - tone.

Sticks and stones will break your bones if Antifa catches you off guard. But words are “hurtful.”

Let’s start with:

Not sure if dog whistle:

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All the inflammatory rhetoric you can eat.

Isn’t this title accurate for every thread in which the OP participates??


Yeaaah…not so much of an evolved story. That was just the defense grasping at straws.

Also just being within your rights doesn’t mean you are not an asshole. These Crowder types need to stop with harassing anyone they deem far left.

It’s all politics and almost everyone is a useful idiot being played like a puppet for the interests of people who don’t care about them.

Hence …see thread title…


Lol, my bad. I thought you meant the left exaggerated what happened in Charlottesville.

This one always makes me laugh. 5:45. Reminds me of some people I know.

This one made me laugh …keep up the serious “reporting” msnbc…mups will lap it up at least

Oh inflammatory …i thought it was inflammable

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The things that set people off:

A lot of allegations by Terrell that, if not true, constitute blood libel. She’d better be ready to substantiate this stuff.

“They said you was hung!”
“They was right!”

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Anti-semitic or just asinine? You decide:

For Oblasio, signalling the wrong virtue is a walk in the park.