The influence of the Japanese colonial period on creating a Taiwanese national identity?

Hi everyone. I am writing a seminary paper about the influence of Japanese occupancy on creating of Taiwanese national identity. I don’t know where to start. I need your help as soon as possible. I need to finish the seminary paper by Sunday 10th, basically have last 48 hours. Would you please recommend me some free downloadable literature about this or tell me your opinion? You can find me on Facebook as Willy Zapletal and tell me by messenger. Thanks everyone!

You can start from here.

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I’m not familiar with the contents of any of the works linked below. This is just some stuff I found doing PDF searches. At first I used one of those PDF search engines, but I somehow got blocked after a few finds, so I switched to Google Advanced Search (which I usually get by going to Google and typing advanced search), and then chose “Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)” under “file type.”

I’m not sure if any of this will help, because there’s a lot of stuff to sift through, and you’re in a hurry. If it doesn’t look like what you’re interested in for your paper, maybe you could just ignore it.

Chih Huei Huang, “Ethnic Diversity, Two-Layered Colonization, and Complex Modern Attitudes toward Japan,” at p. 7 in Japanese Taiwan: Colonial Rule and Its Contested Legacy, Andrew D. Morris, ed.,%20Two-Layered%20Colonization%20and%20Modern%20Taiwanese%20Attitudes%20toward%20Japan.pdf

Dongwoo Yoo and Richard H. Steckle, “Property Rights and Financial Development: The Legacy of Japanese Colonial Institutions”

Tay-Sheng Wang, “The Legal Development of Taiwan in the Twentieth Century: Toward a Liberal and Democratic Country” (from Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal), beginning at p. 533 (the PDF is only about 30 pages)

Karen Steffen Chung, “Some Returned Loans: Japanese Loanwords in Taiwan Mandarin”

Yinan He, “Identity Politics and Foreign Policy: Taiwan’s Relations with China and Japan, 1895-2012” (Forthcoming 2014, Political Science Quarterly)

Hui‐Hsuan Chao, Musical Taiwan Under Japanese Colonial Rule: A Historical and Ethnomusicological Interpretation (University of Michigan dissertation), 378 pages (as far as I know, this copy has to be downloaded)

Hiroko Matsuzaki, “Dis/Re-Connecting Japan to Taiwan: The Complex Feelings of Different Japanese Generations toward Taiwan in Yoshida Shūichi’s Road” (its subject matter is a novel, but it seems to give some background on Taiwan literature and cinema (or rather I think it does–I only glanced at it))

Andrew D. Morris, “Taiwan’s History: An Introduction” (look under “Japanese Colony,” bottom of p. 13, and then “Retrocession,” p. 19)

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I doubt that you can do your paper strictly off this 2008-2014 Forumosa thread–although I could be wrong, because I don’t know what the requirements are for the paper–but in any case, it might give you some ideas: