The IPO Thread 2020-2021

As a kick in the pants, just checked premarket. I’m at 100%.

First world troubles. :roll_eyes:

BTW, I’m using this calendar as a guide to what’s coming.

Add this one to the wish list:

Roblox’s initial public offering prospectus is out. The child-friendly videogame platform has seen sales soar amid the pandemic.

Roblox is a platform that offers tools for people to create games. The games itself use blocky graphics, similar to Microsoft’s Minecraft.

The company in February announced a $150 million financing round led by Andressen Horowitz that reportedly valued the company at $4 billion. That was before the pandemic shifted consumer spending to at-home entertainment.

The platform breaks down into three elements: Roblox Client, where players access 3-D worlds, Roblox Studio, which are tools for developers, and Roblox Cloud, which includes services that power Roblox.

The company said in its filing that during the first nine months of the year, sales soared 68% year-over-year to $589 million. Roblox said it averaged 31.1 million daily active users across 180 countries during the period.

The company plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker RBLX.

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This is cool. These guys just do shipping news.

HYLN boss lays it down.

Ahh crap

The SPAC stock CIIC is popping today in premarket…up another 15%.

That’s the thing about IPOs and SPACs in particular. They pop.

CIIC, ended up 58% including after market.

Was also watching these two premrkt and thought about selling PLTR and MXF to keep the hot streak going:

IDEX, up 79%…I could’ve been in at 47%


AYRO, up 33% including aftermrkt.

On the bright side:, excluding SNV, all of these were summer picks.
PLTR 117%
WKHS 27%
MP 58%
SNV 76%
FCX 38%

Just checked, also up more than 100% in less than 4 weeks :money_with_wings:

Yeah and I hear the Biden’s NSI head is connected to PLTR. I want to sell so badly, but I read an article yesterday about 500 bucks in EV penny stocks and where they are now. I need to set a limit sell order to prevent future hair loss.

IPOs. SPACs. Reverse mergers. Oh my! This is even better than 1999.

Jesus, that is like some creepy company Jefferey Epstein imagined b4 he didn’t kill himself. Is this backed by Bill Clinton?

btw…up another 15% overnight. This is a great story here and given all the more speculative EV plays, a big clunky mining company feels good.

Yeah, and a good earnings call to boot.

Leading my board with 16% for the day so far.

Research about the company and do your homework. after that invest your money.

That would be the prudent thing to do :+1:

OK, so a quick scan through the news has led me to another SPAC: LGVW, which is merging and launching Butterfly Network, which is a portable ultrasound/imaging thing…and it has a Taiwan connection.

Now, I bought MXF a while back bc Bill Gates had invested in it, and his name is on this one too, but what really attracts me is this:

About Butterfly Network: Putting ultrasound on a chip and creating more access to underserved areas of the world was the goal of Butterfly Network.

The company has the Butterfly iQ, which is the only ultrasound transducer that can perform whole-body imaging with a single handheld probe using semiconductor technology.

The Butterfly iQ+ was launched in October with a price of $1,999 plus membership.

The ultrasound market is dominated by traditional cart-based devices, which Butterfly Network wants to change. Their portable products have sold over 30,000 units since launch. >The ultrasound market is currently dominated by large companies like General Electric GE and Koninklijke Philips PHG 0.02%.

Butterfly Network has agreements in place with the majority of the largest 100 hospitals in the United States and has a working relationship with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSM 0.02%.

Benzinga’s Take: Investors should note the recent IPO of Nano-X Imaging NNOX, another ultrasound company. Nano-X is seeking to provide smaller and lower cost x-ray models to hospitals and emerging countries.

Nano-X priced an upsized IPO at $18 and its shares traded between $20.26 and $66.67 since going public. Bear reports from Citron and Muddy Waters pushed shares down, but investors should see that the appetite for a new disruptive medical imaging company was there.

Price Action: Shares of Longview Acquisition are up 6% to $10.46 on Friday. Shares hit new all-time highs of $10.70 earlier in the morning.

And a dr’s review.

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He stated when the patient is overweight they struggle to get good basic images (the echo images).

He says it’s useful as a quick assessment tool I’m just kind of skeptical that a cardiologist will bother because they will need to send the patients for the full assessment anyway by the more powerful system which will.surely be on hand.

Maybe it will be useful for other non cardiac areas more.

The whole 'emerging countries will buy it as it is cheaper ’ is complete horseshit in my opinion. If they have lower budgets they just buy second hand full spec imaging machines.

Miniature chemical analysers are where it’s in my opinion of course I’m a bit biased .

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stocks? links?

Well…They are still not quite there yet.

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The success of special purpose acquisition vehicles is another trend that will continue in 2021, Jaffe said. This year, 381 new issues have traded, raising $139.4 billion, according to Dealogic. Of the 381 IPOs, more than half, or 198, were SPACs.

This is a big change from just a few years ago when SPACs were looked down upon, Jaffe said. The view at the time was that only companies that couldn’t succeed with a traditional IPO opted to go public via what are also known as blank-check companies. That changed when more high-quality companies sought to merge with SPACs. For example, Opendoor, a real estate start-up, agreed to a $4.8 billion merger with Social Capital Hedosophia II (IPOB), the SPAC from Chamath Palihapitiya. Palihapitiya’s first SPAC, Social Capital Hedosophia, merged with Virgin Galactic (SPCE) in 2019.

Blank-check companies have crossed over and become more credible, similar to how junk bonds gained more acceptability and morphed into high-yield bonds, Jaffe said. Like direct listings, which were once expected to replace traditional IPOs, SPACs are another tool for companies seeking to go public, he said.

SPACs aren’t going away, in fact the number of announcements is accelerating, Jaffe said, but some that will do well, while others won’t. “At the moment, SPACs are still front and center as an important new phenomenon.”

From Barron’s

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I reckon that these SPACs will burn massive amounts of investors money.

Why are they 'hiqh quality companies ’ ?

Palihapitiya’s first SPAC, Social Capital Hedosophia, merged with Virgin Galactic (SPCE) in 2019.