The January 6th commission and January 6th defendants

You mean the “insurrection”?

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They got Jimmy Pesto!

Why are these people always so weird?


Because people with college degrees honestly think they deserve better, like, all the time.

Jay Johnston has a degree.

And clearly he thought he deserved better. lol

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IIRC (correct me if I’m wrong), those images were people they were looking to identify. He got identified, so why would he still be posted? It wasn’t like an actual ‘most wanted’ list as you say.

So you didn’t answer - what should he be charged with?

As I recall from the article they were not removing names, just updating with the text “arrested” across the picture. Given his prominence on the 6th and the calling for everyone to go “in to the capitol”, everyone is just a bit curious, what’s the deal with this guy and some others that seemed to work with him.

The above article explains that the FBI have been charging certain individuals with trespass for stepping foot on the grounds beyond the outer perimeter fence. “Federal Foreknowledge or Federal Incitement?”

Actually about 40% of people charged are charged with “corruptly obstructing an official proceeding” and is their only charge. Lawfare article It’s pretty clear from his statements on the 5th and his actions on the 6th he was attempting do just that. Being one of the main instigators in breaching the outer perimeter and directing others to trespass and encouraging them to go inside.

Liz Cheney recently hinted this might be the criminal route they will use against Trump himself. See here

The first, under 18 U.S.C. 1512(c), falls within a family of prohibitions against witness or evidence tampering. If this doesn’t seem quite on point, understand that the statute is worded quite broadly and might very well still apply. It punishes anyone who “corruptly…obstructs, influences or impedes an official proceeding or attempts to do so” with a sentence of up to 20 years.

Closer to the mark is 18 U.S.C 1505, which specifically relates to obstruction of a governmental proceeding. That crime has three basic elements: 1) there was an official proceeding pending, 2) the defendant knew about the proceedings, and—this is important—3) the defendant intentionally endeavored corruptly to influence, obstruct or impede the official proceeding. The penalty for violation of this statute is a five-year prison term and, somewhat interestingly, eight years if the offense includes domestic or international terrorism.

Seems like he didn’t come to attend a rally, his sole purpose was to breach capitol grounds, push people up to the capitol building and then apparently the plan was to walk people though open doors.

Curious minds want to know more about that plan.

Especially since the FBI has said they have no evidence of a plan. If they don’t, but we can see it, the people seen involved have all escaped being charged, and government officials won’t deny their involvement, it’s an odd picture.

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Interesting. And so… we jump from interesting to conclusions because we don’t know what’s up.

Your link says 40% are charged with that, but doesn’t make the claim it’s the only charge.

OK, “for many”, I stand corrected. At which point with you’re descending into nit picking, as you usually do rather than discuss the bigger picture, I bid you good day.

The provision has been lodged against about 270 of the more than 690 Capitol Riot defendants accused so far in federal court (about 40 percent of all cases). In many prosecutions, it is the only felony charged.

I’ve found I need to take baby steps with you to get you to agree to individual facts, otherwise you jump around too much. Now that we agree it’s bull that 40% are charged with only “corruptly obstructing an official proceeding,” we can take a look and see that very few are charged with obstructing an official proceeding (pick a source), none corruptly, and scrolling through quickly,.I don’t see any for whom that’s the only charge (could’ve missed a few though I suppose).

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No, you keep moving the goal posts until you are ten miles from what was being discussed and hug up on trivialities.

This discussion was about the Revolver article and half a dozen people who turned up prepared it seems to take down the outer barrier, then try to user people to the front of the building and then apparently to push them though open doors they were expecting to be opened for them.

Which they were by the way, I seem to recall it being the capitol police doing that. Any idea why they would do that? Oh and non of that gang being charged.

Plus lies they told like an officer killed by a fire extinguisher, I am hearing there are more of those lies in the pipeline.

Yeah, I was remembering you pointing that out at the time. I think I figured (and maybe posted) there world likely be some banal explanation. As the other side of what was happening in that Revolver article, another odd piece of an odd picture.

That’s been changed to a guy throwing a fire extinguisher at another cop, who then did not die.

Wait, no one died after getting their brain bashed in by a fire extinguisher? Where’s that news?

Been out for a while now.

That news seems to have been somewhat less of a hot item.

Well, they ran him up the flagpole and then buried him right quick.

This one might be interesting.

Rosanne Boyland initially was reported to have died by overdose by our not-at-all-biased media.

By May, the story was she was Trampled by Trump supporters.

What has been claimed, was the police were beating the crap out of people and this video should clear up what happened.

Amid video evidence, court filings, and firsthand witness accounts, new questions have emerged about the exact cause of Boyland’s death. A report issued by the D.C. Medical Examiner’s office in April claimed Boyland, a recovering addict, died of an accidental drug overdose. But others in the vicinity of Boyland when she lost consciousness insist her death was caused by law enforcement officers, who deployed a toxic chemical spray and, in some cases, used metal sticks, riot shields, and their own fists against Trump supporters.

White, 39, found herself in the tunnel near Boyland—and her harrowing account describes nothing short of criminal misconduct by still-unidentified members of the D.C. Metropolitan Police department. Further, her experience bolsters allegations that police contributed or directly caused the death of a second unarmed female Trump supporter on January 6.

Well there’s a court order to release it, lets see how hard the capitol police and FBI fight it’s release, if they do.